15 Fine Motor Activities For Kids

fine motor development One of the things I hear from a lot of parents with children entering Kindergarten is that their child can’t write and they are worried about it. First thing is that your child probably can write but not as clearly as you think they ought to . There is a lot of pressure ( on kids and parents) and if your kids are anything like mine practice when they know it’s practice is not only low on the fun scale but it can actually be very discouraging.  Finding a balance between drill and fun is important. These fine motor activities help develop the crucial skills needed for being a successful writer. We also have a great list of worksheet free writing activities to check out.

Pound and Learn Hammering
Dry Erase Mazes
Simple Cereal Bird Feeders
Paint Chip Color Match
Write and Trace Place Mats
Lock & Key
Shell Sorting
Letter Rainbowing
Dry Erase Word Search
Clothes Pin Patterns
Design Your Own Lacing Pattern
Alphabet Glue Tracing
Cereal Bracelets
Playdough Play Toy Prints
Mining For Shapes

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  1. says

    Since hearing from my son’s prep teacher that his fine motor skills need work to the point that we should “be thinking about an occupational therapist” I have been searching for activities we can do at home that he will think are fun. He is very resitant to any kind of pressure to ‘practice’ – so I am very happy to have discovered this post.
    What fantastic ideas! – I especially like the dry erase Mazes and the Write and Trace Placemats.
    Thank you!


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