Boot Camp Bombers – Gross Motor Activity

army party ideas Even on nice days sometimes it’s hard to get your kids really moving and if your kids are anything like mine the harder they play the harder they sleep which is good for everyone! My son is all into military things right now so when I saw these loot bag parachute toys at the store I grabbed a pack and created this easy gross motor activity . Working on gross motor skills isn’t just about an easy bedtime for everyone, it’s about building confidence, coordination , balance and more.  You could adapt this a million ways by simply changing what is on the parachutes.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some parachute toys ( or make one !) , a permanent marker and an eager party ideas
  2. My toys did not come assembled so I had to tie the wee little parachutes on to my brave plastic soldiers. If your child can tie them have them do it, it was amazing fine motor practice for me and will be for them too. If like my son they are still not quite there yet do NOT push them it will frustrate them and may end the activity before it even begins.
  3. Ok time to write some physical tasks. Keep the writing simple enough for them to read if they are starting to and use numbers to sneak in some math  birthday party ideas
  4. Take them outside. My daughter threw one and it didn’t get past the bushes but her bother didn’t care.
  5. He read the message and did jumping jacks on the spot.
  6. Then we took them down to the lawn and I threw them and he caught them after screaming ” Bombs Away!!” And got a great boot camp style work out, did a little reading and some counting too!


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  1. says

    Great, creative idea. Will definitly be adding this activity to my bag of tricks. Thanks

  2. says

    Allison, I am not sure when I first started visiting No Time for Flashcards. I know I have playdough recipes printed off from 2008. I wanted you to know that your blog was a lifesaver to me as a first time mom who was struggling with getting through those stay-at-home toddler years. Your crafts, games, songs, and ideas were an inspiration to me. I admire the way you have grown your website into an outstanding resource. Thank you so much for the hard work and dedication you put into it. My son and I have benefited greatly from your work. I am passing on the One Lovely Blog and Very Inspiring Blogger Award to you. You can find out about it in this post. You are under no obligation to accept it. I just wanted to recognize you.

    • admin says

      Keitha – this came at just the right time and I am so touched!! I have such a special place in my heart for readers like you who I feel have been plugged in for so long. I love that our kids have grown together and that we have a bit of shared history because of it. Thank you so much!

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