Make Your Own Travel Size Chalkboard

Turn dollar store clipboards into travel size chalkboards. This idea comes straight from my son’s kindergarten classroom. They do handwriting on little chalkboards and his teacher even pointed out that traditional chalkboards provide resistance that smoother surfaces like dry erase don’t. New writers often need that resistance to be successful in shaping the letters.  I made these during the week and when I put them out for my son this weekend I wasn’t even inside let alone ready with the camera before he was busy writing.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some chalkboard paint ( ours is from ages ago when we made our wall chalk board) , dollar store clip boards, a paint brush,painter’s tape
    and chalk for when it’s done.
  2. Start by taping off your board surface with painter’s tape.
  3. Paint. Let dry and add a 2nd coat.
  4. Peel off the tape. Voila – these cost me $1 each for the board, I already had the paint  and tape and 47cents for the chalk.  Pretty good deal.
  5. Write and write and write!  He loves them and if you have been following the saga of my son hating to write you will know that him loving  writing is a big deal. We just used a dusting cloth for an eraser, worked beautifully!

What I love about these is that they are small and light enough to take in a car or a plane but big enough for small hands to write on. They will definitely be in the bag for our next long plane ride but will be used all the time at home too.

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