Love Potions – Valentine’s Day Science Play

love potions valentine's day scienceWe love to play with vinegar and baking soda at our house . We explored it with squirt guns, at a play date and even pretending to be mad scientists. This time we made potions but really we just made a really awesome fun mess!   We made these after school this week and already my 2 year old has asked to make so many I am out of vinegar and baking soda. Kids love to pretend and mixing imagination with scientific inquiry is a great way to get them interested in asking questions and testing their theories out. We pretended we were making love potions but not the way that maybe a teenager would think about it. Instead we were making potions to make everyone feel loved, not to fall in love with us and even that fell by the wayside . Bottom line, have fun and make sure you have towels ready!

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some baking soda, vinegar and then we added  food color and food flavoring ( strawberry and cherry) . You will want clear containers, spoons, and whatever you need to protect your house from food color. love potions preschool scrience play
  2. Set out the ingredients and let them explore. While they started I talked about how some people think that potions and spells will make people fall in love and they both thought that was crazy talk! We pretended we were making people feel love but soon they just got into making a potion and the love bit was lost. This is fine the goal wasn’t to teach about love potions so much as simply explore. love potions science for kids valentine's day activity
  3. My son saw the baking soda and immediately got excited about the prospect of a fizzy overflowing potion. Only he couldn’t remember what made it bubble and discovered it was not the cherry potions for kids
  4. My daughter followed her brother’s lead and absolutely adored every minute. love potion science play activity for kids
  5. Once they figured out it was the vinegar they made potions over and potions  In all different color combinations and with as much excitement every time. love potions 2It soon turned into making predictions about if it would overflow or not. love potion number 5
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  1. says

    This is such a cool idea, and so achievable with what we have in our kitchen cupboards already! Already on my list of things to do after school tomorrow, and hope it will definitely end up as a blog post! Jen

  2. says

    I absolutely loved this idea and decided to do it with my preschoolers. Malt vinegar was delivered instead of white vinegar and we ended up making what the children called stinky potions instead. They were obviously darker in colour and smelled really strong and the children added things like toy bugs etc. Think I will be doing this again at Halloween as well as valentines day 🙂

  3. says

    We did this yesterday and my son had a ton of fun. It was the first time he experimented with baking soda and vinegar. He wanted to keep going and going (too bad I didn’t have enough).

    We used a different kind of food coloring that looked more like a paste, so the actual bubbles themselves didn’t get colored, although once they died down the liquid eventually did. Still, it’s all part of experimenting, right?


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