10 Mural Projects For Kids

10 mural projects for kidsMaking a mural is a great opportunity for learning, especially cooperative learning. When I was teaching PreK I had a very spirited class and although I made many missteps as a new teacher one thing I did well was to encourage cooperative art projects when bad behaviors started popping up. Murals aren’t only great for making kids work together they are also wonderful for long term projects, getting up from the table to learn and encouraging kids to use proper hand form for writing while writing and drawing on vertical surfaces. Each of these mural projects have other more specific learning goals like shape recognition, counting and fine motor skills but the emphasis is always on fun.

Spring Garden Mural
Math Around The House Mural
Flower Petal Sticky Wall
Heart Rainbow Mural
Letter Flowers Sticky Wall
Jar Lid Match Mural
Peel & Pick Apple Tree
Alphabet Wall Mural
Ocean Shapes Mural
Christmas Tree Sticky Wall


  1. says

    Let me give another way that I got from a different teacher years ago about making murals and is what I did for years/
    We would hang up a long piece of brown craft paper and have the children paint it accordingly. maybe brown for bottom or green and then blue for sky.
    We would then talk to the kids about what should go in this scene. They would then go draw the different object and people that they felt belonged there and we would place the pieces where we all thought they belonged. (kind of like colorforms)

    • Allison McDonald says

      Whenever my kids have painting/ colored on the walls my first thought is ” well good practice…” .

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