Spell with Alphabet Beads and Build Fine Motor Skills

Spelling with alphabet beads for kindergartenI think I have shared how much my son loathes drawing . He’s a bright kid and most things come easy to him so when something doesn’t he like many of us tries to avoid it instead of attacking it. When a child has trouble with penmanship or drawing one of the first things I would suggest is to find low stress ways to get them to draw and write more ( like playing with an easel , make your own mini chalk boards or design your own cards ) and the other is to work on their fine motor skill development. Building with Lego and squeezing Play-Doh are two of our favorites but when I was sent these alphabet beads from craftprojectideas.com I knew I could mix spelling (something he loves) with developing his fine motor skills ( not as much fun as spelling for him). Here is what we did.

  1. Gather your materials. You could make a printable with clip art but I just grabbed some stickers because I had 10 minutes to throw this idea together before we had to grab him from the bus stop.  You will also need some tape, pipe cleaners and of course alphabet beads. spelling with alphabet beads 2
  2. Pop the stickers on . Cut the pipe cleaners into small sections.Tape on . Give the tape a good rub to make sure it sticks. spelling with alphabet beads
  3. If you want pop on the first letter to get your kids started. alphabet bead spelling 4
  4. Separate out the letters needed to complete the words and then add in a bunch of random ones. alphabet bead spelling stuff
  5. Add your kiddo and go for it.  He had no trouble spelling any of the words but threading the letters on was a little challenging. He had to press hard but not too hard or else the pipe cleaner would buckle. 8 words was exactly the right amount any more and frustration would have set in.fine motor spelling activity for kindergarten

For more simple learning activities to do with your school age kids after school check out our whole Learning After School series.

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  1. says

    I love that my kids are just younger than yours so that I can benefit from all of your wisdom Allie. 🙂 My son will definitely being doing this along with tons of your other Learning after school series activities next year when he is in kindergarten.

  2. says

    Echoing Kristina’s comment! I especially love this idea. I have those Royco alphabet beads and have been wondering what else to do with them. This makes a great activity to leave behind for my daughter and nanny to do while I’m at work (yes, your blog appeals to working mothers too!). Thanks, Allie!

  3. zlatica says

    It is great ideas. I work in kindergarden with group of 30 children. 20 of them are boys. They are beetwen 4 and 5,6 years old. I think that will be great interes for this activity… Thanks. Sorry, my english is far from good because I never juse them in comunication…


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