Broccoli Painting and Color Mixing

broccoli painting project for preschoolThis year we grew a lot of broccoli in our vegetable garden. I was hoping growing it would spark interest in eating it ,the way growing spinach did last year but no. Not at all. Other than offering it up to anyone who wants some, one thing broccoli is great for at our house is painting. Broccoli used as a paintbrush is so much fun, add in a color mixing activity and it’s a huge hit! I am still hopeful that playing with it will lead to a desire to eat it but my daughter was never the one who ate paint, that was my son.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need red, yellow , and blue paint, plates to mix them on , paper to paint on, and some broccoli. broccoli paint brushes
  2. Start by squirting some paint on the plates. We did red and yellow , blue and yellow, and blue and red. I like to use paper plates for a lot of reasons and for this craft I like using white so kids can see the result of mixing the colors clearly. Don’t fret if you don’t have white plates or paper plates once the kids print the paint on the paper they will see the color clear as day. broccoli color mixing
  3. Dip the broccoli in and explore! broccoli color mixing and painting for kidsMy daughter mixed each one then printed them immediately.broccoli painting outside Then she returned to see if she could make brown. With her hands. When you do color mixing with your kids you have to expect mess and exploration. This is why I did it outside. My daughter loves to “hand paint” as you can see and instead of just getting angry I like to let her enjoy it. happy finger paintsThen pop her straight in the bath. I swear by  Crayola washable paints. I have never not been able to wash them out. I can’t say that about any other “washable” paints. <— no they did not pay me to say that but that link is an affiliate link to amazon.  broccoli and finger painting

One of the great things about color mixing is that it sparks more than a new color, it sparks that little voice inside that says ” I wonder what will happen …” That is the voice that has carried so many scientists to great discoveries and inventors to new technologies. Purple might not seem so amazing to us but it’s pretty rad for our little ones.



Science week

We are super excited about next week here at No Time For Flash Cards because next week we are devoting every day to science!!  Do not miss it!

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    • Allison McDonald says

      It does come from a place of privilege I don’t think that I could argue against that. However allowing my children to use some of the broccoli that they grew in their own garden to explore and paint with is not a waste. It lets them look at what they have grown, feel it, smell it … consider tasting it. Also don’t think that just because we used some of the broccoli we grew for art that we don’t also donate – we donate many of our apples, zucchini and other produce to our local food bank. Allowing children to explore with items that can also be eaten does not automatically send the wrong message. Not every parent or educator is going to choose to do this but please don’t assume those who do are doing it without thought or care.

  1. av bogle says

    Many cultures use food in art. I believe in teaching children how to express themselves using what they have instead of buying things. Many indigenous culture used and still use food products for art and so did many famous European artist. So yes it might look live privilege or waste but it’s also a lesson taught.

  2. Audrey says

    Yay for Crayola! We love Crayola in our house too. And minus paying for parking in Easton, we also love visiting the Crayola Experience (formerly the Crayola Factory). Fun things to do if you happen to be in PA.


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