New Years Eve Craft

new years craft for kids Make a wish for the new year! These New Years Even Spin Drums were inspired by these wishing wands by Cathy at Nurture Store for Babycentre. We’ve been doing a lot of crafts with contact paper so when I saw these star spin drums I thought they would be perfect for an adapted activity. We’ve been working on letters with my daughter and spelling with my son so I wove little lessons into this activity too.

Gather your materials. You will need some craft spin drums ( ours came from here) , paint, letter and star stickers and glitter glue .wishing spin drums new years

Start by spelling wish with your letter stickers. For my 3 year old I told her the letters and she found them on the sticker sheet and added them to the spin drum. My son was on his own. wishing wand for new years eve

Next think of a wish for 2014 and spell it out. I was suggesting things like “Love” “Peace” etc… my kids chose ” car” and “nerf”. new years craft for kids These are their wishing drums not mine so I didn’t interfere. We did do this a few days before Christmas and their minds were on toys not world peace! Again I helped my daughter by spelling the word and letting her find the letters on the sheet of stickers and let my son do it solo. wishing wands for new years craft

Time to paint. new years eve craft star wands

Add glitter? Of course! star wand new years eve

My son added stickers to the beads too. new years craft for kids wishing drum

Let dry. Do not forget to use these when you are ringing in the new year. They are fun and noisy but not too noisy! wishing star noise makers craft

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