Popsicle Stick Snowflakes

Popsicle Stick Snowflakes craft for kidsThis is a classic and as a blogger sometimes we skip over these because we are always trying to share the most novel of our ideas. These popsicle stick snowflakes were made in 2011 but I never shared them. After we found the snowflakes in our ornament box I decided to see if I still had the pictures and I did so here it is… 2 years old but classics never go out of style!

Gather your materials. You will need some popsicle sticks we used these ones that craftprojectideas.com sent us, some plastic confetti snowflakes, glitter ( also from craftprojectideas.com ), glue , glue gun and hot glue, and some paper towels for easy clean up. simple shiny snowflake craft

Start by hot gluing your popsicle sticks together. Now that my son is 7 I would allow him to do this with a low temp glue gun but when he was 5 he wasn’t mature enough. Every child is different. Let dry for an hour or so. simple snowflake ornament

Next up add the white glue. simple snowflake craft for kids

Add glitter…popscicle stick snowflake craft or should I say a crazy amount of glitter. glitter snowflake ornament crafts for kids

My daughter liked the snowflakes. popscicle stick snowflake ornamentsShe did this while sitting on my lap because although these snowflakes were pretty big I was nervous ( I am GREAT at that) and with her on my lap I could keep the snowflakes in my reach but out of hers unless she was adding them on. I had them out for her brother and she was supposed to just add glitter but crafts don’t always go as planned. I hope it goes without saying but I will still say it – please only use materials your child is ready for. As you will see the plain glitter snowflake was rad too.

She added glitter too.glitter and confetti popscicle stick snowflake christmas ornaments

Let dry and add to your tree! I just stuff them on but you can add a hook with a little more hot glue. popscicle stick snowflake christmas tree ornaments


What’s your favorite classic holiday craft? Feel free to link to posts to share too!


Books About Snow

All of our book lists include affiliate links to Amazon.com
snow snow snow

Snow! Snow! Snow!by Lee Harper captures the excitement of a snow day spent sledding and defying gravity for those precious few moments as you zoom down the hill. My son gave the book a thumbs up but my daughter wasn’t as into it although when the 3 dogs in the book landed with a thump both kids were giggling. Edited to add :  The next morning my daughter ran to this book and smiled the whole way through loving it! Funny how 8am reading gets a different response than 5pm after a long day.

jack frost snow

Here Comes Jack Frost by Kazuno Kohara is another fantastic book that will have you aching for snow. A little boy is lonely after his friends have all gone into hibernation for the winter when Jack Frost shows up. They frolic and play exploring all the fun that winter has to offer friends but when the first signs of spring arrive Jack is gone. The illustrations are perfectly simple and will suck you into a wintery world that you won’t want to leave. My kids love this book and after one reading at the library we bought our own copy.


Snowbots by Aaron Reynolds is funky, fun , and full of really awesome rhymes. The robot reality is a sweet one and my kids totally dug this book. We were picking favorite robots in the first few pages and loving the book more and more as we read it. The story is a familiar one but with the substitution of robots instead of humans basic snow day things get more interesting. My son loved the snowball fight and my daughter was all over the pink robot. I loved how they had cereal with gasoline and an oil bath. A huge hit with all of us.

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