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sick day printables for kidsI have been blessed with healthy kids but this week my son has been home sick with a bad bug. He’s stuck in bed because I am forcing him to rest which is not a natural thing for this on the go guy. One way to keep him in bed is to let him watch Netflix, which is fine for a while but on day two I was not about to let him watch show after show with just a few books mixed in. I needed another something to add to the mix. I created a few fun printable activity sheets to get him thinking even if he was too sick to go to school. These would be a great snow day activity, perfect for road trips or for when you are waiting at a restaurant. I even use similar ones for the first 15 minutes of church before he heads off to Sunday school. If you are looking for more activities like this one geared towards school aged children check out our Learning After School Series. FREE printable activity sheets


If you want to print these out click on the link below each image and print. My hope is that even if these worksheets aren’t the right fit for your child that this activity might inspire you to make some yourself!

Gather your materials. For this activity, you need (or my printables below), a printer, clip board for easy writing in bed, and pencil.

I created five sheets trying to balance a little math, art, and language arts. My son is in first grade and said these were easy but fun for a sick day. When I asked him what grade they would be good for he said “Kindergarten and first grade. I think it would be too easy for second graders.” I’ll let you decide for yourself, but I think they would be good for children from five to seven. There are five pages in each mini pack.


 free printables for quiet time



When I went into my bedroom to check on my son and brought him the clip board he was all over it. I ran back downstairs to get my camera and heard him say ” These look really fun!” Talk about music to a tired mom’s ears.

sick day activity for kids

He even liked the drawing one!

snow day printables

These were a hit, and as he went to bed, he asked if I would make him more. Since the doc said he had to stay home one more day, I made him another set. I hope he loves it.


snow day printables SAVE & PRINT GREEN SET HERE.

What are your favorite quiet, restful activities for days when you are stuck at home?

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  1. says

    Thank you so much for creating these amazing activities! As a nanny, I have seen that Rainbow Looms have been a big hit amongst sick kiddos these days! For the tiny ones, I often do lots of story time and coloring! 🙂

    • Allison McDonald says

      This was so spur of the moment that it wasn’t until I was finishing up the post that it dawned on me. I need more sleep… that sick kid in my bed is a restless one although his fever kept me warm all night!

  2. Laina says

    The clipboard part alone might be fun for kids who aren’t ready for actual printables. Maybe print off some colouring sheets of favourite characters, even. Clipboards are just fun.

    I have a “rule” when I baby-sit sick kids that if you’re sick, you’re not going to be running and playing hard because if you’re feeling good enough to do that, you’re feeling good enough for school. (Not seriously, obviously, because I have serious issues with people sending sick kids to school, but for some kids, the “threat” really helps XD Also My mom always said that, lol.)

    I like to have some different stuff available to read, like magazines and stuff. I know sometimes when I’m sick, I have trouble reading heavier stuff and magazines can be a nice thing without having too think tooooo much. Sometimes your brain is just too fuzzy or you have a headache and you just don’t feel like it. Lots of colouring. Board games and card games can be fun without being too taxing.


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