Easy Mother’s Day Craft

cheap mother's day gift Kid made jewelry is special and this easy Mother’s Day craft is no exception. What was super special about these simple button pendants was that it was the first time my daughter has ever used the glue gun. This glue gun is a low temp glue gun so even at it’s hottest it would make her recoil her finger but wouldn’t burn. I didn’t tell her not to be careful, I treated the glue gun like a regular high temp one because I want her to have the proper reverence for the tool. I don’t want her to see another in another setting and grab it not worried about the possible dangers. I find that when I give my children the opportunity to do something with some risk they live up to my expectations and use the right amount of caution. No one knows your child better than you do, if you think they are ready for this go for it. It was so much fun.

Gather your materials. You will need some old jar lids, a Low Temp Mini Glue Gun ( that is an affiliate link) , buttons, a pipe cleaner, and ribbon or necklace cording. easy mother's day gift

Start by cutting the pipe cleaners and gluing them to the back for a hook. Let cool before flipping over to fill. mother's day craft for kids

While the backs cool have your child sort through the buttons finding the ones they love. mother's day gift kid made

Time to create!  Look at how serious she is about this. easy mother's day craft for kids

Pop on the buttons. Please test the glue to see how hot it is before letting them push the buttons on. Ours was not hot at all so she was safe to add them by hand. If it’s still hot enough to burn your finger then just drop the buttons on and use the back end of a pencil to gently push them on. Do not push far . If you were doing this with a regular glue gun this would not be safe. button pendants for mother's day

Keep going! easy mother's day craft for childrenLet the glue cool completely. mother's day craft for children

Add some cord making sure it’s long enough to get over Mom’s or Grandma’s head.easy mother's day crafts for kids

Now I just need to mail these off to my mom and mother in law.mother's day necklace craft

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