Easy Valentine’s Day Art Project


easy valentine's day art for kidsThis is a classic art project you may have done as a child; I know I did. Often as teachers or parents we are eager to try new art ideas, but classics are classics for a reason. We had so much fun with this easy Valentine’s Day art project and know you will too.

valentines day art project

Gather your materials. You will need some heavy white paper or card stock, paint in whatever colors your kiddo wants, or you have on hand, some big brushes, and, of course, some doilies. I have an ice tray a well so that my daughter can mix or not mix her colors of paint. I just wanted to give her a choice and control. doily heart art for kids

Start by placing the doily on the paper wherever you want and paint over it. The doilies are thin and stay in place pretty easily, but if your child is pretty young, I would tape it down. valentines day painting project for kids

Paint over the doily.

valentine's day art project for kids

Pull the doily back for the big reveal!

heart art project for valentine's day
She made a few she wanted to try a double one; I didn’t think it would look like two hearts, but it did! heart doily craft for valentine's day

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