Custom Cork Board & Library Bag

custom cork board and library bagWhen I was asked to create something fun for a sponsored post with Folk Arts Multi Surface  Paints and the just launched Handmade Charlotte Stencils I immediately knew what I wanted to make. I am the queen of library fines. It’s embarrassing. I am doing my best not to pass this bad trait down to my kids so I wanted to make a place to keep library books that will also serve to remind us when they are due. The other craft I wanted to make was a special place for my son to show off his school work. Best part is that I could use the same stencils and paints for both projects.

chalk board book bag and cork board supplies

Gather your materials. You will need a canvas bag , cork board, Folk Arts new Multisurface Paints, sponge brushes, stencil tape, chalk anything paint and Handmade Charlotte stencils. I like using paper plates to pour the paint into because I can just toss it after.

chalk board bag and stencil

Start by planning out your design. I used the punch outs from the stencils to do this.

chalkboardbag and cork board folk art paints

Start painting. The paints dry quickly which is nice when you have little hands trying to help.

chalk board library bag

For the bag start by taping off the chalk board area. Paint the black on. While it’s drying add the stars using the stencils. Once it’s dry add the chalk board surface paint. I love this paint because it dries clear and turns almost anything into a chalk board!

library bag chalk board

Let cure for 24 hours before using as a chalk board.

chalkboard paint book bag

It didn’t take long to fill this with books.

cork board in room

Or add the cork board to my son’s room!



I loved these paints and our friends over at Micheal’s do too. You can find all the paint supplies over at your local store and to celebrate they are giving away a Folk Art Multisurface Paint Prize Pack and $100 Gift Card Check it out here !


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Easy Valentine’s Day Chalkboards

easy valentine's day chalkboardsWe were completely out of baby wipes and while rushing through Walmart these shiny hearts caught my eye. I grabbed them and stood there turning them over in my hand until I knew exactly what Valentine’s Day craft I was going to make with them! Simple Valentine’s day themed chalkboards. My kids love chalkboards and I love anything that inspires them to draw and write. The pack of 3 Wilton cake platers cost me $3.95 , the ribbon cost a buck and this chalkboard paint has been in my garage for years.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need the cardboard hearts , scissors, chalkboard paint, a brush, something to protect your floor/ table, something to make a hole in the cardboard with ( I used a Robertson head screwdriver and a hammer but I bet a pen would work) , ribbon and chalk. easy heart shaped chalk board valentine gift for kids
  2. Start by painting your hearts. easy DIY heart shaped chalkboardI painted one on the shiny side and one on the plain cardboard side. I wasn’t sure if the paint would adhere to the shiny surface. I am telling you Benjamin Moore really is rad paint. After they were dry you couldn’t tell a difference at all. Let dry. easy and cheap valentine's day gift for kids
  3. Thread the ribbon through. I decided to do two different styles . You will probably want the ribbon to be wired just because it makes threading it through the hole a breeze. easy DIY heart chalk board
  4. Time to write ! I tested it out first to make sure it would erase well. It did. easy heart shaped blackboardsThen  let my little ones go for it.easy peasey heart shaped chalk boards My son was initially unhappy that the ribbon was pink but as I went off in search of a different color he called me back saying it was OK. Perhaps the anti pink phase is weaning? One can hope. easy heart shaped chaolk boards
  5. After they decorated it all I hung them up in our hall way to add to our Valentine’s Day decor. I think these would be fun gifts for your kids on Valentine’s Day too or you could make these Monogrammed Hearts I created for Melissa & Doug’s blog last week. easy heart shaped chalk boards for valentine's day

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Make Your Own Travel Size Chalkboard

Turn dollar store clipboards into travel size chalkboards. This idea comes straight from my son’s kindergarten classroom. They do handwriting on little chalkboards and his teacher even pointed out that traditional chalkboards provide resistance that smoother surfaces like dry erase don’t. New writers often need that resistance to be successful in shaping the letters.  I made these during the week and when I put them out for my son this weekend I wasn’t even inside let alone ready with the camera before he was busy writing.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some chalkboard paint ( ours is from ages ago when we made our wall chalk board) , dollar store clip boards, a paint brush,painter’s tape
    and chalk for when it’s done.
  2. Start by taping off your board surface with painter’s tape.
  3. Paint. Let dry and add a 2nd coat.
  4. Peel off the tape. Voila – these cost me $1 each for the board, I already had the paint  and tape and 47cents for the chalk.  Pretty good deal.
  5. Write and write and write!  He loves them and if you have been following the saga of my son hating to write you will know that him loving  writing is a big deal. We just used a dusting cloth for an eraser, worked beautifully!

What I love about these is that they are small and light enough to take in a car or a plane but big enough for small hands to write on. They will definitely be in the bag for our next long plane ride but will be used all the time at home too.

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