Letter Of The Week ! R r !

Rainbow R !

My son is so into rainbows right now, I have no clue why but I am running with it! Doing anything with rainbows is a great opportunity to talk about many colors, patterns and with older children optical illusions. My 2 year old won’t be learning about that for a while but we have been chatting about colors all day.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need multiple pages of construction paper, however you don’t need the whole page, so you may be able to round up enough from your scrap pile. The colors you will needs are red, orange yellow, green, blue and purple. Also you will need a back piece, a plain white sheet of regular paper , scissors, black marker and glue.
  2. Start by making a big R outlined in black marker on a thin white piece of paper, it needs to be thin so after you finish the gluing you can see the outline for cutting.
  3. Cut the colored paper into strips, we needed 2 of each color, I just stacked the paper and cut .
  4. Add the glue, this is a great opportunity to let your child do the glue since it needs to be all over and not precise at all.
  5. Start stacking the strips, I did the first few then handed them to my son to glue on, he yelled out the color and we had fun. Normally I wouldn’t have played such a large role, but I knew he would love the end result. If he had insisted I would have been fine with just letting him go too, let them decide.
  6. Let the strips dry on the R.
  7. When dry cut it out following the lines on the back.
  8. Glue onto a piece of construction paper.

Additional Activities

You can’t have a rainbow without water!
Check out my latest contribution to

to learn more about why when your child is playing with water they are doing much more than just making a mess in your kitchen !

Letter of the week ! R r!

Rabbit R !

We have almost completed our alphabet! R is a fun letter that you can use “red” or ” rice” but we chose to do “rabbit” as out R activity! This craft is fast and easy, and perfect for a busy Monday. You can use furry material or felt if you don’t want to make as colorful a rabbit as we did!
  1. Gather your materials. You will need 2 pieces of construction paper, a pipe cleaner, a marker, glue , scissors and some paint.
  2. Draw a large R and some rabbit ears on your construction paper.
  3. Have your child paint the R and the ears. While painting my son sounded like a pirate repeating ” Arr!” over and over while hitting the paint dobbers onto the paper.
  4. Cut the R and ears out, snip the pipe cleaner in half and twist to make whiskers.
  5. I made a R out of glue and then my son was able to match up where his R was supposed to go on the paper.
  6. Add the ears and whiskers on. My son was patting the ears on so fast you can barely see his arm!
  7. Let dry!


Little Bunny Foo Fo

Little bunny foo foo ,
hopping through the forest,
scooping up the field mice ,
and bopping them on the head!

Down came the Good Fairy,
and she said ,
“Little bunny foo foo, I don’t want to see you,
scooping up the feild mice and bopping them on the head!
I’ll give you three chances before I turn you into a gooooooon!”

  • Repeat until no more chances!


” My Friend Rabbit “ by Eric Rohmann is a cute book with award winning illustrations that follows a mouse and a rabbit who remain friends despite the rabbit’s uncanny ability to get into trouble. The little rabbit means well and his heart is true, the limited text and descriptive illustrations make this book great for a wide range of age groups and my son loved the Rhino!