Letter Of The Week m

Monster m !

2October 001

Monsters have kinda taken over here at No Time For Flash Cards, first Saturday’s awesome book post by Carrie Anne now this monster craft ! I can’t take credit for this though, I again asked my son what letter he wanted to do and after shooting down his P for .. well let’s just say he is potty training and I am sure you can guess. We settled on m for monster! Scroll down for more fun alphabet activities !

  1. Gather your materials. You will need 2 pieces of construction paper , some colored foam ( or more paper would be a ok), some fun paints ( we busted out the art daubers because they dry fast), scissors, glue and a marker.Craft Supplies
  2. Start by writing a lowercase m on one piece of construction paper.2October 002
  3. Have your child color / paint the m. Do a dot art
  4. While they do that cut  the paper or foam into horns, teeth and eyes. 2October 004
  5. I made the eyes because nap time was already overdue when we realized we needed to do our letter of the week, and I didn’t want to push the specifics. Normally I would have had my son do this with help instead of doing it for him. Always adjust activities to your child’s specific needs/ abilities.2October 005
  6. When they are done painting the m cut out.letter m
  7. Add glue to back of the mletter of the week art
  8. Slam ( or gently pat) the m on the 2nd piece of paper.kids craft
  9. Add the teethmonster kids craft
  10. Add the eyes2October 012
  11. Add the horns, and let dry.Letter of the week project

More Alphabet Activities To Try

Discovery Boxes

This is a picture of a T discovery box from 2008

This is a picture of a T discovery box from 2008

A great way to introduce a letter of the week to your child is to fill a box with items starting with that letter.The best part about this activity is that you use things around your house, and you can use it for letters, colors and shapes!

Letter of the Week  Stories

This is a fun activity for older preschoolers, I had fun doing this with my PreK class a few years ago! What you do is write a short story leaving blanks for your child to fill in with words starting with the letter of the week. The results will make both of you giggle, and your child will be learning too!

Here is an example :

Yesterday I went walking down the street and I found a _________ , I couldn’t believe it! My mom said I couldn’t keep it . Instead she let me go to the store and buy a _________ but there were none left! The man at the store sold me a ________ instead! I thought it smelled funny , so I went home and on the way home I found three ______. what a funny day!