Learning After School

afterschool activities for kids


Do you have a child who is schooled outside of the home but needs a little more? Maybe they need more practice in math or handwriting? Have a child in half day Kindergarten that you want to work with a little more? Maybe like our school your kids get dismissed early one day a week and you don’t want them only watching extra TV?

Learning After School is our series of activities for kids in Kindergarten and up that are short, educational and don’t usually feel like homework. There are a few worksheets but most of the learning is hands on and many are active. They are not designed to replace homework. The work your child’s teacher sends home is your first priority. These are extra. My son usually does one a week during the school year but many more in the summer and other school breaks.

Listen to your child. Please don’t push. School is hard and if they are struggling to handle it adding more to their plate could burn them out. However if they are eager and able we have some great ideas for you to try out.


Sight Word Game
Connect The Dots Math
Paint & Read
Secret Code Math
Spell With Alphabet Beads
Long & Short Vowel Sounds
Learning Games For Kindergarten ( math and reading)
Make Math Drills Fun
Jar Of Hearts Math
Kid Made Valentines
Sight Word Dominoes and Speed Racer Game
Fill In The Black Easel Stories
Toy Catalog Drawing Prompts
Monster Math Tray
Rhyming Peg Board
3D Word Search