Magnet Mania !

Naptime Creations
Fall Foam Magnets!

I LOVE FALL! I am so excited to get my pumpkin decorations out and I am already trying to figure out how to buy more without annoying my husband. So for this weeks Naptime Creation ( crafts for the school age crowd ) I decided to make some fall decorations that can be useful too!
Gather your materials. You will need some foam sheets- they can be found at most big box stores, in multi packs or individually. A pen, glue, scissors, some glitter glue and magnetic strips.
  • Decide what designs you want to make. I decided on a fall leaf, an apple, a jack o lantern and candy corn!
  • For the leaf you will need to draw a leaf on one piece of foam. Cut it out. Lay it on face down a second color of foam and outline it with room to spare so that color will stick out. Cut the second leaf out. Glue the top on the bottom and add some gold glitter!
  • For the Apple cut out a red apple shape , brown stem and green leaf. Glue the stem on the back and the leaf on the front. Let dry.
  • For the jack-0-lantern draw a pumpkin, cut out, cut a small green stem and cut out three small black triangles, and a semi circle for the mouth. I cut the top with pinking shears for the zig zag . Glue together and add glitter to the eyes.
  • For the candy corn, draw the whole shape of the candy corn in orange and cut out. Next lay the orange on top of the yellow and trace only what you need and cut out. Repeat for the white layer. Glue them together. Beware since making this magnet I have been craving candy corn !
  • Let everything dry until you can see no more white glue at all, then apply the magnet strip. Even though this is for older children please make sure that if you have a little child in your house you use magnet pieces large enough not to be a big hazard.
  • Pop them on your fridge !
  • You’re A Hoot !

    Owl Puppet !

    This craft is a fun way to encourage pretend play which our kids are not getting enough of according to the experts! So many toys and activities are passive and we need to get them using their imaginations, it will amaze you what comes from their little but very creative heads! So make a puppet and encourage them to have a puppet show!

    1. Gather your materials. You will need an old cereal box or other cardboard, some paint, a paintbrush, popsicle sticks,a pen, glue, some buttons for the eyes, and scissors.
    2. Draw a big oval, 2 small ovals, a triangle and some wings ( wings aren’t pictured because I added them later – but you can do it right away! ).
    3. Have your child paint the large oval a light color, we chose white.
    4. Paint the triangle and the wings a darker color, we used brown.
    5. Paint the eyes a bright fun color , ours are red. Let everything dry.
    6. Paint the popsicle stick any color you want.
    7. Cut out , or have your child cut out the shapes.
    8. Glue the triangle onto the top of the oval.
    9. Glue on the eyes.
    10. Glue the buttons in the middle of the eyes.
    11. Glue on the wings.
    12. Glue the popsicle stick to the back and let everything dry.
    13. Have a hoot !

    The Little Brown Owl

    Hoo Hoo
    Went the little brown owl one night
    Hoo Hoo
    Went the little brown owl,
    Hoo Hoo
    Went the little brown owl one night ,
    And they all went hoo hoo hoot!

    But we all know owls go ,
    la di da di da!
    la di da di da!
    la di da di da!
    We all know owls go
    la di da di da
    they don’t go hoo hoo hoot!


    ” The Owl And The Pussy Cat” by Edward Lear and Stephane Jorisch . The classic poem is brought to life with whimsical but pretty illustrations. The story of true love sailing off on a beautiful pea green boat is a classic for a reason, it’s melodic and will appeal to children in many age groups. I had to memorize this in grade 3 for Madame Griffin and still hold it dear to my heart!

    ” The Sleepy Owl” by Marcus Pfister is a cute little story about an owl who overslept. The author is well known for his “Rainbowfish” character but don’t overlook this adorable and happy story!

    Letter of the Week ! W w !


    This is an awesome craft for children old enough for scissors, it’s still fun with younger ones but it requires a little more prep work. If you are homeschooling and have a word wall you can use those words for your craft , and simply write the words out instead of finding them in newspaper.

    1. Gather your materials. You will need some newspaper or paper to write words on, some cardboard ( old cereal boxes are always handy) ,double stick tape, crayons, glue and scissors.
    2. Cut out your words from the newspaper, if your child is able to let them do this themselves. Help the read the words .
    3. If you are doing this for a toddler cut the words out and using double stick tape tape them to cardboard backing , I just used some more cardboard for this. This will allow your child to glue the words on, newspaper is easily crumpled and toddler fingers have a hard time with it. The backing will help them do it without your help, which will help prevent hearing ” I do it” and ” Me do!” .
    4. Draw a big W and cut it out.
    5. Let your child color it with crayons.
    6. Grab the glue - I usually dot it on then close the cap and let my son imitate me. He is learning where to put it , and soon I will open it for him , but right now we are still practicing!
    7. Add the words.
    8. After it’s dry , sit with your child and ask about the words they chose, point our letters or simple praise their fantastic work!

    Don’t Lose Your Page!

    Weekend Re-Post !
    We are heading across the border to see Grandma, Grandad and Tim Hortons!
    Letter of the Week will return Monday- Don’t miss it!

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    Naptime Creations are summer crafts for school age kids!

    1. Gather your materials. You will need some heavy paper or card stock, old greeting cards are a great free and environmentally sound option for fun paper! You also need some glue, scissors, ribbon, a hole punch or eyelet press, and paper punches . You can also use stickers, or stamps!
    2. Cut 2 rectangles out of different papers, one larger than the other.
    3. Punch some fun shapes out of paper .
    4. Glue onto the smaller rectangle.
    5. Glue the smaller rectangle onto the larger one , let dry some.
    6. Using the eyelet setter or hole punch, punch a hole at the top of the rectangles ( make sure that you go through both layers) .
    7. Thread a loop of ribbon through.
    8. Pull ends of the ribbon through the loop and tighten.
    9. Get to reading something GREAT!

    Get On The Bus !

    Cool Bus!

    My son is obviously too young to go to school but he was ecstatic that the school year started because that meant that he got to see the “cool bus” today! We have a stop right infront of our house so all day today his mind was on the “cool bus” !

    1. Gather your materials. You will need 1 yellow, 1 black and a 3rd piece of construction paper, glue, scissors and some crayons.
    2. Have your child draw the bus stop. My son insisted I draw a sun as well.
    3. While they are coloring cut out an outline of a bus with the yellow paper.
    4. Cut out small squares for windows, a long thin rectangle for the stripe along the bus, and some circles for the wheels. I did small yellow circles for hubcaps too.
    5. Glue on the yellow bus.
    6. Add the windows. I placed the glue to help guide my toddler but preschoolers can do this step unassisted.
    7. Add the wheels. I didn’t have to help with this one!
    8. Add the hubcaps.
    9. Let dry!

    The Wheels on the Bus

    The wheels on the bus go round and round,
    round and round,
    round and round,
    The wheels on the bus go round and round,
    all through the town!

    The driver on the bus goes move on back,
    move on back,
    move on back,
    The driver on the bus goes move on back,
    all through the town!

    The money on the bus goes clink clink clink,
    clink clink clink,
    clink clink clink,
    The money on the bus goes clink clink clink,
    all through the town!

    The people on the bus go up and down,
    up and down,
    up and down,
    The people on the bus go up and down,
    all through the town!


    ” The Seals On The Bus” by Lenny Hort .I love this book and my class a few years ago loved it as well, it’s a fun way to change up the classic song! When kids are learning to read they really benefit from predictable text and so using a song like this that is so familiar but changing only the simplest variables like making the passengers into animals is an instant hit!