Recycled Earth Day Craft


earth day craft This Earth Day craft was super easy to do and really quite pretty in person. It uses materials from your recycling bin and scrap paper box and gives you a chance to chat about Earth Day with your artist as they create.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need a cereal box or other easy to cut cardboard from your recycling bin, green markers, blue scrap paper, glue and a hole punch.
  2. Start by cutting out a circle from your cardboard. 
  3. Next cut your scrap paper into strips and fold over – this will make punching the holes go much faster, although as you will see little hands have a hard time with doubled paper. I punched out 2 strips while he did the next step , then he had his turn.
  4. Color. We colored ours green because we had blue scrap paper , you can switch the colors based on what materials you have and punch green instead of blue.
  5. Punch.
  6. Empty out the holes ( this was his favorite part ?!)
  7. Add glue
  8. Spread it .
  9. Add the holes.
  10. Let dry.  Easy peasy, earth friendly and fun!

Tomorrow we are going to plant some seeds in baby food jars we have saved, what are you doing to celebrate Earth Day?

6 Great Earth Day Projects

Earth Day snuck up on me this year. Here are some great projects to make with your kids. Also don’t miss my 5 Simple Earth Day Activities to practice what we preach with your children over at .

These Earth Day Muffins were a huge hit last year and I think I might make them for an easy Earth Day breakfast.

This will always be one of my favorite Earth Day activities Coffee Grounds Sensory Tub offers an earth friendly sensory exploration.

We love how easy this homemade puffy paint is, and this Puffy Paint Earth is a perfect easy craft for kids who like getting slimy!

This Trash Rainbow uses odds and ends fron our supply closet as well as our scrap paper box to make something natural and beautiful !

Get your kids thinking with this Recycling Sorting game, after they play you can sort the real recycling!

If you are lucky enough for hot weather you can make these Solar Melted Recycled Crayons or if you aren’t try these ones in your oven.