Sponge Painting For Toddlers

sponge painting for babies and toddlers

Sponge painting is a wonderful way for young children to explore paint, they don’t need to have superior fine motor skills to succeed at making some fun marks on the paper. It’s the perfect toddler art activity.

  1. Gather your materials. For this art activity you will need a regular kitchen sponge, some paint, a paper plate or the like to put your paint on, paper and scissors.
  2. Cut the sponge into some good hand size shapes for your child. We’ve been learning about shapes so I made some , but you can cut out fish shapes, letters..the sky and your cutting ability is the limit!
  3. Spread some paint on a plate or tray and dip your sponge in.
  4. I like to mix colors as we paint, it’s fun and keep the kids interested, as well as asking them what shape or picture they are making with the sponge.


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  1. says

    We LOVE “Mouse Paint”. We have a few toddlers over once a week for ‘playschool’ where we do a letter of the week them with books and a craft. I plan on reading Mouse Paint for our M week and think sponge painting will be great to do for craft – hitting the dollar store soon!

  2. Ashlyn Brunson says

    I did that earlier today with my 2yo and he had a BLAST! We invited a few of his little preschool friends over to do a craft and we had a picnic and read a book and this is the craft we did. They all had such a fun time experimenting with different shapes. So fun!


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