These Jelly Fish Don’t Sting!

Paper Plate
Jelly Fish!

This Jelly Fish was a BIG hit with my little guy, which surprised me because I would have thought he was too young. Of course once we finished it he pulled off all the stingers, but he had fun making it!
  1. Gather your materials. You can use regular paper, paper plates or even coffee filters for the body. We used markers to color the body, but paint, crayons or even stickers, would work just as well. I have extra gif wrap for the stingers but any paper or even ribbons would work.
  2. Decorate! Remember to let your child go to town, color as much or as little as they want. If your child is a quick finisher you can try to do the art along with them and taking your time will likely encourage them to spend more time on it too.
  3. Cut your paper plate in half.
  4. Fan fold your gift wrap or paper for the stingers. Older children can paint or color some paper and help you fold it , with younger or impatient ones I would suggest using a paper like this gift wrap that already has a pattern. Too many steps can be too challenging for little guys.
  5. Cut the folded paper in strips. Attach them to the underside of the paper plate, use glue if your little one can wait to play, tape if they can’t!

I’m a little fishy , watch me go!
I swim fast and I swim slow.
When the day is over , it’s time to sleep
I swim up high and dive down deep.


” Fish is Fish “
by Leo Lionni is a fantastic fable about a minnow and a tadpole and how friendships can endure even when the friends change.

” Don’t eat the teacher!” by Nick Ward is a silly book about a shark with a lack of self control, a good book to help teach self discipline.

” Gilbert de le Frogponde : A swamp story.”
by Jennifer Rae is a fun story about a lazy frog who outwits 2 chefs who have come to the swamp looking for a frog to cook!

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  1. The Ortega's says

    Wow, I just ran across your Blog/Site from following a link from another blog, and just love it!

    I have twin boys that just turned one, so many of these activities/projects seem a bit over their head right now, but I can’t wait to start trying them. They do love many of the songs though.

    Thanks for such an awesome blog.

  2. The Eagars says

    OK, I am a new reader of your blog and am addicted. I stumbled across it and have recently shared it with everyone I know. I have a one year old and am not brave enough for the art stuff yet, but the songs and books are great. I LOVE IT! Thanks for doing this. It is a great resource.

  3. Audrey says

    My little two year old loves this craft.She spent 20 minutes decorating her jellyfish. Then we watched the video 15 times. I tried to do the song just Hailey and I but she stopped me and asked for the video. Thanks for all you do to help other moms.

  4. Kristan says

    i stumbled across your site and i also have twins who are just over 1…girls. they LOVE the song. they’ve been putting their hands together to make a fish as their way of requesting me to sing it – at least 10 times a day! thanks.

  5. Anderson's Mommy says

    Will be doing this late for sure! I have rolls upon rolls of wrapping paper that I have nothing to do with because I am always wrapping presents for birthdays last minute so I always just throw them in a bag. Will do! Thanks for all the crafts!



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