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Candy Corn!

This idea came from one of our readers Carrie who did this adorable craft with her young daughter , she sent it to me and I knew I wanted to save it for Halloween week! It’s so easy and the results are so cute! I’ll be making this with my little man today!

  1. Gather your materials. You will need 5 pieces of paper in light orange , white, yellow, darker orange and black , glue and a marker.
  2. I cut out the shape of candy corn on a light orange piece of paper and drew the 3 lines of candy corn.
  3. I tore up a bunch of pieces of white, yellow and orange paper
  4. Then she helped me sort them and put them where they go on the candy corn (yellow on the bottom, orange in the middle, white on the top). Since she’s younger (20 months) I had them mostly sorted for her and she could glue them on but for older kids you could just mix them all together.
  5. Voila a cute and easy Halloween Treat!

This activity could be finished up with counting a few pieces of candy corn— and then eating it!

Thank you so much Carrie for this awesome craft!
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  1. Andrea says

    What a great idea, I’m glad she shared it. I resisted buying any candy corn but now I want to get some! I’d love to do this craft then use the candy corn in your egg carton counting game.

  2. says

    My 2 year old is doing this today, and he’s loving it so far. I love it for the color recognition and pattern. He’s having a blast with the glue stick, especially since Mom’s letting him be a bit more independent with this one.:) Thanks so much!


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