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Pilgrim Hat Cookies!

When I saw these cookies I gasped, my husband thought I was watching the Twilight trailer again ( come on admit you are excited!) but these little gems were exactly what I was looking for. I doubt the austere pilgrims would indulge in such decadent cookies but I am glad we get to! Jessica over at The Entertaining Kitchen is full of wonderful ideas! Pop over there and check it out, I am in awe!

For full directions and more pictures go to

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  1. Anonymous says

    Hi, I just came across your great site. I was looking through all the fun projects you’ve done. I really want to do the making your own crayons and putting them into a candy mold. Can you please tell me how did you dump the melted crayon into the mold? Did you just lift the paper out and pour. Please drop me a line if you can, I look forward to doing this and many more of your projects with my children.
    [email protected]

  2. Jessica says

    These are adorable. I recently saw these made even simpler! For smaller hands, instead of using the marshmallow, just use an upside down mini Reese’s Cup attached with a little icing, and instead of piping on the buckle, stick a yellow piece of Chiclet gum to the front!! I planned on making these this year, but now my oldest and I can try the marshmallow version while my youngest makes the Reese’s version!! Thanks!!

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