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Moose Head !
Let me explain the title, over the weekend we went on a family road trip and went into a little small town diner for lunch. Immediately we were met with various stuffed animal heads mounted pretty low on the wall. It terrified my son who began screaming “No Animal head !” and grabbing at me to leave. We eventually found a restaurant sans elk but I suggested we make this moose head in part to get over the fear .Even if there was no trauma involving an elk or moose head at your house, this is a cute activity to do.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need 3 pieces of construction paper , some scrap black paper, 2 googley eyes, brown paint, a pencil, scissors, glue and some crayons.
  2. Have your child draw the background with crayons. My son drew clouds , the sun and “og” (fog).
  3. While they do that, draw antlers on the first piece of paper.
  4. Draw the outline of the moose head on the other piece of paper. I drew an uneven keyhole shape.
  5. Have your child paint the head with the brown paint. Using a big brush will help get all the head painted with little guys, our dauber didn’t do such a great job, so we took turns.
  6. Paint the antlers. Let dry.
  7. Cut out the antlers and head.
  8. Glue the antlers to the scenery.
  9. Glue the head on top of the antlers.
  10. While your child is gluing , cut out 2 ovals from the black paper for the moose’s nostrils.
  11. Glue the nostrils on.
  12. Add the glue for the eyes.
  13. Add the googly eyes. Let dry.

“If You Give A Moose A Muffin” by Laura Numeroff is a silly, engaging and darling story about demanding moose! If you are not familiar with the “If You Give A” series you are missing out. They are all great books that show cause and effect and are great when you are teaching about predicting, kids can make a prediction about what the moose will want next! My favorite part of this book is the puppet show!

“Moosetache” by Margie Palatini is a absurd book about a moose with an out of control mustache! Kids love this book, they laugh at the poor moose who is quite anxious about his unusual facial hair. The book has a valuable message about accepting yourself and the quirks that make you you.

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  1. CAB says

    Hee hee, I can totally relate. We’re in TX, this is NOT uncommon in decor! We stopped in a place once w/stuffed animals EVERYWHERE and I don’t mean Gund plush – it was quite interesting to see the children’s reactions – we took pics after they were convinced the full size bear wasn’t going to move 🙂

  2. PisecoMom (Mom's Marbles) says

    I love this idea! We have both of those Moose books so we can make a day of it too.

    The only thing I plan to do differently is to trace my kids’ feet to be the head of the moose… they love to make crafts with their hand or foot prints!

  3. Angela says

    Love this! My son loves Moose. He has some PJ’s that say Moose on the Loose and asks for them all the time. He on the other hand loved seeing a moose head on the wall at a local restaurant. Couldn’t stop looking at it.
    This will be a fun one for us to do.

    He also LOVED the dinosaur craft you posted awhile ago.

    Any suggestions for Valentine’s Day?? Especially with pictures of the kiddos in it?

  4. Allie says

    Love crafts with feet, and that would be awesome. I didn’t use it this time since I did it with the rudolf at xmas, but yes great great idea!

    I am doing Valentine’s stuff as we speak… sit tight!


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