Chinese New Year !


I have always loved this craft, I don’t know the first time I made one but it’s been years and they always turn out beautifully and if you make a bunch they will turn your house into a true Chinese New Years Celebration !

  1. Gather your materials. You will need a red piece of construction paper , some crayons or markers, scissors, double stick tape or stapler and some gold glitter glue.
  2. Cut a small strip off the end of the paper and set aside.
  3. Have your child color with crayons or markers. I don’t use paint with this craft because the paint has in the past made the lanterns brittle and they ripped.
  4. Add your glitter glue ! Using glitter glue makes it so the paper doesn’t get saturated and brittle. Let dry.
  5. Fold and cut into the fold, start about 1.5 inches into the paper and leave the margin on the other side too.
  6. Add double stick tape to one side ( top and bottom) and attach the other side to it.
  7. Using the strip of paper you set aside earlier, tape into a handle.
“D is for Dancing Dragon: A China Alphabet by Carol Crane is a in valuable book when teaching about China and Chinese New Year, it is more than a simple alphabet book, going into detail about lanterns, chopsticks, panda bears and so much more. What I love about these books is that younger children can be shown the pictures and given a easy to digest synopsis of the text, while older children can read the whole book. The illustrations by ZongZhou Wang will make the most reluctant traveler want to get on a plane to china, they are simply spectacular!

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  1. Amanda says

    I was wondering if you happened to have a Dragon Kite craft. We are going to be doing the letter K (we are doing the K is for king craft) this week and a dragon kite would fit in perfectly with the Chinese New Year and K. Thanks!

    Maddie had a great time making these paper lanterns this morning! She can’t wait to show daddy when he gets home!


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