Free Art Friday

Finger Painting

This was originally posted last year, but it’s a wonderful multi sensory activity. Your child will have fun squishing, smelling tasting and mixing the colors. Have a great weekend, a new round of letter of the week will start on Monday!

  1. Gather your materials. All you need is yogurt , some small containers, a cookie tray or plate and food coloring.
  2. While you are mixing the colors you can ask your child how many drops of red it will take to make pink, or what will happen if you mix blue with red?
  3. Put a dollop of yogurt on a tray, plate or cookie sheet and let them swirl it, see if they can write their name in it, or make shapes. Younger ones will be more than happy just to wiggle their fingers around in it.
  4. Eat your art when you’ve had enough fun!
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  1. our family says

    I love all of your great ideas and so do my daughters. I had to laugh the other day when I was looking at your site my four year old asked mommy is that Thrifty Crafty Mama or No Time for Flashcards.
    Thanks for all the inspirations.


  1. […] Allison McDonald’s No Time for Flashcards. Love love love. Still checking it out, but the creativity here is infinite. J is big enough that he wants to dabble in arts & crafts, whilst also continuing to find everything edible. Great ideas here for what your kiddos can do! (Today we’re doing Yogurt Finger Painting.) […]

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