Run Erands At Home !

Kitchen Grocery

Imaginative play is crucial, it allows your child to test out and use skills they observe all day long. They also learn new words, use math skills , tap into their imagination and so much more. Our grocery store took me 5 minutes to set up and we played with it for ages! Using real food seems to make it extra special, but play food will work just fine.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some food from your pantry and /or fridge, a cart or basket, a bag to put your purchases in, some play money and something that can be turned into a register. We used a stool, with a plate and some red paper to make a “scanner”.
  2. Get your money and grab a basket!
  3. Start Shopping !
  4. Time to Pay!

Have fun and remember how important play is!


  1. *Hippie* says

    My 4 children all love to play grocery store. We set up tv trays and sort play food into each “aisle.” They use reusable grocery store bags and make new index card money each time we play! The kids came up with the idea to use the piano bench cushion as the conveyor belt!

  2. jk says

    I’ve been thinking we need to do more money play/learning around here. We need to get that cash register out again and play store – haven’t done that in a while. Thanks for the suggestion as always!

  3. Miller Moments says

    This is a favorite past time at our house. I save all of my old containers and clean them up or tape them back together (mac & cheese boxes, yogurt containers, etc).

  4. Allie says

    Glad you all liked it- I loved doing this. When I was a director I loved taking a break from reports and business and pop into a classroom to play store with the preschoolers!


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