Be Still My Heart !

Katherine from Katherine D Photography was kind enough to share an adorable Valentine’s craft ! If you have a chance and want to see some amazing pictures check out her photo blog, I wish I was closer to her so she could take some pictures of my little man!

Take wax paper, a marker, glue, water and colored tissue paper (red, pink and white).

Mix equal parts glue and water on a paper plate.

Then tear up small pieces of tissue paper.

On the wax paper, draw a heart (or in our case, we drew hearts, this is our Valentine’s exchange project)

Dip the tissue paper into the glue/water mixture and then put it on the heart.

All the hearts done:

Once it’s done, let it dry. I had to wait overnight and I put it on top of my dryer so that it would dry faster

Cut out the heart shape, punch some holes in it and string up ribbon so it can be hung

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