Letter of the Week G !

Green Grass G !

When I think of spring I think of the flowers and the grass peaking from the snow, for the letter of the week we are going green and celebrating spring !

  1. Gather your materials. You will need 2 pieces of construction paper, some green markers or crayons, green Easter grass , glue and scissors.
  2. Start by drawing a large upper case G
  3. Have your child color the G with the green markers.
  4. Next add the glue !
  5. Add the grass- I pulled some of the grass apart to make it easier for my son to glue it on.
  6. Keep going until it’s covered. Let dry
  7. Cut out the G and glue it onto the 2nd piece of paper.
I was really surprised by how much my son loved this, I thought he would enjoy it but we ended up playing with the grass for a long time after the craft, and I am trying to think up ways to using it later in the week!


“Stanley Mows The Lawn” by Craig Frazier is such a visually stunning book, I love the color green and my eyes were in heaven looking at page after page of the different hues, perspectives and uniquely Frazier illustrations. The story holds up well too it’s simple but effective. My son loved Hank the snake who inspires Stanley to mow the lawn in a new and creative way and begged for more as soon as I closed the book!

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  1. Allie says

    Oh I know – one of the draw backs for sure. Did you use the plasticy stuff or the paper? I find the paper is a bit easier to clean up.

  2. Rachael says

    what a great idea, i actually think that my little ones could pull this off. well, some replica of it anyway :)

  3. Jen says

    I’ve never read that one, but am now interested in checking it out. Thanks.

    Creative and Curious Kids!

  4. One Tightwad Mama says

    OH, my son will love this one!! I can see Meg’s point, fun for me at clean up time! haha. Thats okay-it’s worth it if he enjoys!

    Allie, I posted about your blog today :) I am so appreciative of your blog, thank you!!

  5. Beth says

    Love this project!!

    Idea for the “grass”. If you have a paper shredder use it to shred green construction paper, old holiday wrapping paper etc.

    I also use this method for stuffing boxes when I ship items or even in gift bags.

  6. danaleedesigns says

    In our tots preschool class we sometimes use the shredded grass in our sensory table and add little goodies for the kids to discover. They can use their hands or tongs to find things like little plastic eggs for Easter, or little plastic bugs and snakes.

    I love reading your blog. Thanks for all the inspiration!

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