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Who doesn’t love finding something fun? Well these nifty little bottles hold more than just rice and toys, they are a great quiet time activity for you and your child to make together and use over and over again. Next time I am on a plane I am packing one of these!

Jump over to The Entertaining House to “spy” the how to!


  1. Allie says

    Aren’t they cute? I found a bunch of great tiny trucks at a little store last week but I left my wallet at home ( money saving tip) and I can’t wait to go back to get them for this!

  2. Vone says

    I just made one for our plane ride and planning on making them for party favors for my little ones birthday. But I found it hard to find things small enough to fit in it.

  3. abc says

    If you take it on a plane be sure to take it out when you go through security. That didn’t occur to me, so my bags had to be searched when a relatively large food/liquid item showed up on the scanner! I love our bottle more than my daughter did, but I’ll keep trying it from time to time.

  4. Lisa says

    I love making these. Look at christmas time for the mini-tree ornaments. Or another place to look is at craft stores in the doll house section. There are lots of miniature items that work great!! We like to fill ours with different materials too, just to change it up. We have used, sand (colored), rice, dry beans, oatmeal, sugar, and small shell pasta.

    • admin says

      You aren’t daft at all! Essentially the toys hide in the rice and it keep skids busy moving the bottle to shift the rice and toys appear!


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