Letter Of The Week S s !

Seahorse S

This craft can be used for letter of the week or as part of an under the sea theme. Living by the ocean we are always finding and learning about things in the sea. Seahorses are favorites in our house and this was surprisingly easy to make !

  1. Gather your materials. You will need 1-2 full size pieces of construction paper ( two if you want to mount the finished seahorse on some paper), water colors, paintbrush, some water, glue, sparkles, scissors, a googley eye and some scrap paper.
  2. Start by drawing an S on your paper, I used the seahorse on “Mister Seahorse” below as a guide, but a regular upper case S would do the trick.
  3. Hand the letter over to your child to paint with water colors.
  4. While they paint cut the scrap paper into little fin shapes, we did some triangle and some trapezoids.
  5. Set the S aside to dry and hand your child some glitter to use on the shapes. Let dry
  6. Glue the googley eye on .
  7. Glue the shapes onto the S
  8. When everything is dry cut the S out and glue onto a 2nd piece of construction paper.


Books !

” Secret Seahorse” by Stella Blackstone is a fascinating and beautiful board book. The story follows a little seahorse that hides on each page as it makes it’s way along the ocean back to it’s family. The illustrations are felt, fabric, sequins and other fun and very beautiful hand stitched creations. I am never ready for the next page because the previous has so much to look and marvel at. Kids like finding the seahorse on each page too!

“Mister Seahorse”
by Eric Carle is a story about the more involved fish fathers in the sea. Mister seahorse isn’t the only fish that takes care of his eggs until they hatch , in the book we meet other dads that do too. I didn’t realize how many people don’t like this book until I read some reviews on amazon when ordering the book a few months ago. Many parents are off put by the father fish who announces he is “babysitting” his own baby fish. It never really bugged me even though when a parent says that in real life it irks me. All the positive daddy fish outweighs that one comment for me.

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  1. SkylarKD says

    We borrowed this book from the library a couple of weeks ago. It never would have occurred to me that someone wouldn’t like this book – the “babysitting” comment in the book didn’t even register with me. I just thought it was a great example of how well daddies can take care of their babies too.

    Great craft!

  2. Leigh says

    I love, love, love the seahorse. My daughter has two frames in the kitchen that we rotate her art in and out of. I am going to have to let her make this for summer. It will be so cute in the kitchen!

  3. Lisa says

    I love that your son is nearly always in his pj’s while he is crafting away. Just shows all us moms that we need to worry less about what our kids look like and more about what they are learning!! Great job as always!

  4. Andersons Mommy says

    Glue the shapes on his back BEFORE cutting out the seahorse? I wasnt sure if it was meant like that, but isnt it tough to manuever around all those shapes while cutting?

    Sorry for the lack of apostrophes! The key on my computer is missing to a certain 1yo 😉

    • admin says

      I think we did it that way because I was thinking I was going to not cut the horse out but the photos were too washed out…I’d cut horse out first then glue to backing then add the triangles. My son didn’t sleep much til he was 4, so I was running on empty 😉

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