Mini Masterpiece

mini masterpiece fine art craft for kids

When choosing activities for older kids I try to link it to fine art where I can. Exposing children to art appreciation doesn’t have to be on a field trip to a museum, although I recommend that too. This would make a beautiful gift for a mom or grandma for Mother’s Day, especially if you made a group of 3 or 4 and put it in a nice box.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need glass beads, magnets, rubber cement, a pencil, pictures of your choice and scissors. * I just want to say that I am not ruining a perfectly good book, I was gifted a duplicate and have been saving it for art projects.
  2. Start by choosing your pictures, if you are using an art book this will give your child a chance to look through many choices, and gives you a chance to ask them what they like and why, or why not.
  3. Trace your bead over the picture with a pencil.
  4. Cut out
  5. Cover the bottom of the bead with rubber cement, not too thick but it should have a nice layer of it.
  6. Add your picture
  7. Glue your magnet on and let dry.If you are new to No Time For Flash Cards, Naptime Creations are for school age children, these special activities are not for toddlers or preschoolers.


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  1. Amy @ Literacy Launchpad says

    Great post! I’ve seen this idea somewhere, and I’ve been saving cute patterns I see on magazine advertisements and such. Now I need to just go ahead and make ’em!

  2. Tanya says

    I did this a few years ago using photos (cut out just the face) and rubber stamped designs. A few tips: Make sure you use strong glue for the magnet, or they will fall off after not too long, as the glass marbles are heavy. A hot glue gun or E6000 (found at craft stores) both work well. Also, for presentation, I modpodged a small metal Altoids tin and put them in there. My mother and sister loved them!


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