Easy 4th Of July Craft

Cutter Prints

I love cookie cutter printing and my son loved it months ago but today I made the dire mistake of doing it outside. He poured the paint on the plates, but the rest was all me. I get asked often what I do when he doesn’t want to do a craft. Usually I just let it slide, I will leave the craft half done and he often comes back to it. I have been known to beg but really when it comes down to it if I force him he won’t enjoy it and he loves art projects , I don’t want to ruin all the fun for one project. So he happily played with bubbles while I painted.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some white paper, construction paper if you want, red and blue paint, star cookie cutters, a plate or 2 and glue.
  2. Start by pouring your paint on to the plate.
  3. If you are my son exert your Independence and slip through the arm rest of the chair and go play bubbles.
  4. Dip your cookie cutters into the paint and print.
  5. Let dry
  6. Add glue to your construction paper
  7. Add your painting.

While I was taking a picture of the dried painting my son decided he wanted in on the fun ( 5.5 hours later) he had conditions though, only the big star and only the red paint. Aren’t 2 year olds fun? I’m glad he did it and did it on his terms though!

Fantastic Book!

“Wow America!” by Robert Neubecker has already been memorized by my son since I found it at the library on Sunday. I can’t blame him and in the 50 times I have read it in the past few days I have found something new and interesting each time. The story is simple, a baby runs away and her older sister goes after her and they see some of the wonderful things in the United States that make us all go “Wow!” Each page has a short title like “Wow Statue” for The Statue of Liberty , then a little more text to explain what the reader is looking at. The illustrations are detailed and we’ve played eye spy with this book more than a few times. This is a wonderful book and the map on the inside cover has been fun to play with as well, we like to find where various far off friends and family live. Go check this book out for sure.

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  1. Tara @ Feels like home says

    Good for you, letting him do his thing. It's so hard when we have our expectations, but they have their own.

    I ws just thinking about doing some cookie cutter painting. We got a huge box of them at Walmart – 100? There are lots of nice shapes, and there are even multiple sizes of some shapes. We've used them for tracing and for Playdoh, but not for painting (yet).

  2. Sue says

    I have never used cutters to print with. What a great idea. I teach kids at a special school in Australia and I am always looking for new ideas. I enjoy reading your blog 🙂

  3. Melissa says

    we've done cookie cutter prints before too. yours came out great! i love how you used your flag placemat under the paper for the stars. we made some of those too! thanks for the fabulous ideas!

  4. Pabbycakes says

    Hi, I'm a new blog for kids' crafts & activities. I'd love to feature this idea for our 4th of July theme! We're just now getting started, and I'm hoping to grow and become a wonderful resource for moms of kids/students. If you'd like to be featured, just reply back and let me know! I'd link everyone back to this post. Thanks! 🙂


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