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Amy Kraft the brains and brawn behind Media Macaroni a blog full of amazing reviews, info and ideas when it comes to all sorts of media directed at our kids. In my dreams I live in NYC and meet Amy for coffee to chat about kids books, a girl can dream right ? I wasn’t dreaming when she offered to share some of her great chapter book reviews for older kids! Here are just two of the many ( including many picture books) you can find on her blog Media Macaroni.

Imagine if The Most Dangerous Game was a reality TV show watched by an entire nation. Then imagine all of the contestants are children. This is The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, author of Gregor the Overlander and The Underland Chronicles. As much as I love those books, Suzanne Collins has outdone herself with this amazing new young adult novel. (Full review)

You may recall that I was one of the lucky few to score an advance reader’s copy of Suzanne Collin’s Catching Fire at Book Expo. I immediately took a picture of it, such was my disbelief at holding a copy.( Full Review)

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