Bandage Lightning Bugs

This was one of those crafts that I was giddy about doing as soon as the idea came to me. I bought these bandages for my son to play doctor with but forgot I had them. While brainstorming and playing with them in my hands I realized they’d show up great on black paper! My son had no interest in doing this, he just wanted to cover himself with the bandages and ask for kisses, but I know other kids will love it.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need 2 yellow bandages for each bug and one of another color, we chose orange but any color with enough contrast will work. You will also need 2 googly eyes for each bug, a yellow and a white crayon and glue.
  2. Start by drawing your night scene, a moon, some stars!
  3. Open your bandages.
  4. Stick the bandages you are using as bodies on first.
  5. Next criss cross the yellow bandages over the body to make wings.
  6. Using the yellow crayon make antennae
  7. Add the glue for the eyes and add them.
  8. Let dry

The little caterpillar snuggled on a leaf,
Spun a little chrysalis and then fell asleep,
While she was sleeping she dreamed that she could fly,
When she woke up she was a butterfly!

Bug Books

” The Very Grouchy Ladybug” by Eric Carle is more than a cute book about a crabby bug. The Lady bug is looking for a fight and each hour she finds a bigger and bigger animal to fight with until she is unintentionally slapped by a big whale’s tail! I loved using this book to teach telling time, as there is a picture of an analog clock on each page. I would use a play clock and as I read each page ask one child to come and set our classroom clock. Also don’t be put off by the fact that the lady bug tries to pick fights, no animal takes her up on her offer and you can spin that into a great lesson about not giving into people who are trying to pick fights.

“Beetle McGrady Eats Bugs” by Megan McDonald isn’t really about bugs at all, although they do play a supporting role, it’s about fear and over coming it. Beetle McGrady wants to be a pioneer, fearless and she sets out to prove that by eating an ant, but doesn’t quite reach her goal, at least not right away. I liked how Beetle was disappointed in herself and instead of continuing to sulk when an opportunity to try again arose , she took it.

” Two Bad Ants”
by Chris Van Allsburg is a very interesting story of two ants who decide not to return to the colony and hang out in a sugar bowl eating instead. Of course nothing is as it seems and they have quite an adventure trying to avoid all the dangers of a kitchen, realizing in the end that being a part of a colony isn’t so bad! This is a cute book for older preschoolers who will love trying to guess what each new adventure the ants face really are- they include a toaster, hot coffee and an electrical outlet.


  1. teachmama says

    stop it! we are on a lightening bug craze over here–and any chance to use band-aids AND googly-eyes?! that's a good day! what a riot!

    and 'bad ants' is one of our faves–

    thanks, Allie,and see you this week!

  2. Teaching My Little BookWorm says

    those are super cute! i did a craft but never got it up but if your curious and want to make one i'll tell you how just email me

  3. Allie says

    How did I forget that book ??

    Urgh I need more sleep- we even read it last week! I'll add it to the post in a few. Thanks!

  4. Woolverton Girl says

    WoW! That is a great idea!! I'm surprises your son didn't want to make those. I think mine would love it, I'll have to try it out to see.

  5. Aprille says

    That is sooo sooo adorable and maybe a way to get band-aid shy kids warmed up to band-aids are their friends :)

  6. Ashlyn Brunson says

    I love those fireflies! They are just so cute! My little brother thinks band-aids and medicine are like candy, so this will definitely help with his obsession…and in a way that will get his imagination flowing! Thanks Allie!

  7. says

    I saw this craft on your blog a couple weeks ago and i tried it with my kids today. I couldn’t find any yellow band-aids so we had to improvise some, but they turned out cute! I have them on my blog & linked to this post of yours as my source. thank you!!

  8. debbie langdon says

    I can’t wait to do these fireflies with my firsties and I think we will call them “ouchie” fireflies and introduce “ou” ow” sounds! Thanks.

  9. Laurie says

    Cute craft! I’d liken to use it with my kinders, but wondering where you found the yellow band-aids. I’ve seen mostly character band-aids and some with assorted neon colors (green, blue, pink, purple), but no yellow. I suppose green would work in a pinch…

  10. says

    Love this idea. We are doing it tomorrow. I couldn’t find the yellow bandaides this weekend, so I bought cheap bottle of glow in the dark yellow paint at Walmart to put on the bandaides $1.97. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Mary says

    This is adorable and my kids LOVE bandaids. But I would have to change this a bit. I spent umpteen hours as a kids catching lightening bugs and it’s not their wings that light up. I’d make the wings and body out of plain bandaids. Then I would cut off the ends of the yellow ones and place one of the ends on the “butt” of the firefly.


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