Road Trip !

Cereal Box
Gas Pump!

We are on vacation ! Don’t worry there will still be something new every day , I have been saving up and have some super fun guest posts from amazing bloggers lined up as well. We’ve been prepping our son for the trip , we have made up songs , talked and read about driving and Sunday we made this! He played with it all evening and had to gas up every single car today.

  1. Gather your materials . You will will need a cereal box, some tape ( any will do),2 pieces of construction paper, markers, some stickers with letters and numbers, a pipe cleaner, a bendy straw, and a picture hook You will Also need a hot glue gun, which wasn’t pictured .
  2. Start by having your child color the construction paper.
  3. Next wrap and tape the paper around the cereal box. I used painters tape because my son was excited to help tape. The painters tape lets him help and when the tape folds on it self it’s not the end of the world because it doesn’t stick too hard. It also doesn’t pull out hair when it ends up in it. I left access to the inside of the box but NOT covering the bottom.
  4. Add your signage and amount per gallon. When I asked my son how much he said 1.99 , earlier in the day we went past a sign for 1.99 milk and he asked me about it.
  5. Time to make your hose. I wish I had one of those bumpy straws from kids cups at restaurants , they would have been perfect for this , but I didn’t have one. Cut your straw into small pieces .
  6. Thread the straw pieces onto your pipe cleaner. I was so excited when my son was able to do this. It’s awesome fine motor and hand eye coordination practice!
  7. The last piece should be the piece of the straw that bends to make a spout. Bend the end of the pipe cleaner around the end of the straw.
  8. Poke a hole in the side of the cereal box.
  9. Thread the bottom of the pipe cleaner through the hole and tape inside the box .
  10. Using hot glue add a painting hook to the side.
  11. Hang up your hose and gather some cars to play !
  12. Get your gas now before the price goes up!


“This Is The Van That Dad Cleaned” by Lisa Campbell Ernst gave me a good chuckle, I only have one child and my car seems to multiply sippy cups, cheddar bunny crumbs and a mess on it’s own! This book is about a dad with a van, a clean van and 3 kids who ruin that very quickly. The siblings act like siblings teasing and fighting while making a growing mess in their poor dad’s clean van. The book is a poem that keeps growing and growing like the mess. In the end the kids are the ones that clean up the mess and I like that, in our house like the book even the baby helps clean up.

“Trucks Roll” by George Ella Lyon got a huge compliment from my son today when we read it. When he really really wants more of something not only does he ask for it with words but the sign language he learned so long ago comes out. This book got the “More Trucks!” out loud and the frantic more signs! The book is the perfect length for 2-4 year olds who like my son love anything you can drive. It also explains well what trucks drivers do and how so many things make it from one place to the next. Cute book, worth a read for sure!

” Truck Driver Tom “ by Monica Wellington is one of my son’s picks. The story is simple, Tom and his puppy drive produce from the farm to the market and see the country side and much more along the way. The best part of this book are the fun bright and detailed illustrations, there is a wide variety of trucks, cars , emergency and construction vehicles! Also it’s a great lesson about how our food gets from the farm to us
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  1. Angela - Life w/ Two Busy Boys says

    Thanks for sharing all your wonderful ideas! I love your site and just shared on my blog about one we did yesterday! I also LOVE your singing videos – too cute@

  2. Jamie says

    Awesome idea Allie. On our road trip to Canada last week, I took an old wooden wine box that held 3 bottles. I drew a race track inside, glued a stop sign from their geotrax, and some fake greenery. Loaded it up with hot wheels and it was a HUGE hit.

  3. nopinkhere says

    I second the rec's for Trucks Roll and Truck Driver Tom. My 3yo has picked them both out at the library, and I have had to request them again because he keeps asking me for them.

  4. LiEr says

    Oo, 1.99 for gas. I want. Thanks Allie for this idea. I love it! I have a soft spot for cardboard box projects (some on my blog under the "paper" category if you want to see) and this one is very cool. I love the bendy gas tube you made with the straw bits!

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