Pumpkin Pie Playdough Recipe

I love play dough but until last year hated making it. I had a play dough cook off and this was my favorite recipe that was submitted by Jana from This and That I added pumpkin pie spice to it and it was perfect!  It was a nice calm activity for my little man on a very rainy day!

2 1/2 cups flour
1/2 cup salt
3 Tbs. oil
1 Tbs. alum
2 cups boiling water
food coloring

Here is how I had my little man help me make it today!

  1. Gather your materials. You will need the ingredients – separated into individual bowls, pumpkin pie spice, food color is you want, a cutting board, and fall cookie cutters for playing after!Pumpkin playdough 002
  2. Start by pouring your flour into a large bowl, I don’t suggest having it at kid level until you are ready to mix… my camera batteries died and in the 2 minutes it took to get new ones there was a nice dusting of flour all over.
  3. Pour in the salt.Pumpkin playdough
  4. The alumPumpkin playdough
  5. The oilPumpkin playdough 006
  6. The pumpkin pie spice – my son added so much but it turned out great. Pumpkin playdough
  7. Pour the boiling water in ( adults only please- the water needs to be boiling not just hot) Pumpkin play dough
  8. Mix.
  9. Pop onto the cutting board and knead, add food color if you want. Pumpkin play dough
  10. Let cool a few minutes.
  11. Play! The addition of seasonal cookie cutters make all the difference for us. Plain old playdough becomes extra fun with these $1 cookie cutters!  You can store it in the fridge for months in a sealed ziplock.Pumpkin playdough 009

Toddler Halloween Books

Clifford" First Halloween

Clifford’s First Halloween (Clifford the Small Red Puppy) by Norman Birdwell is a Halloween book that my son adores, I read it 4 times this afternoon alone. In all honesty I am sick of it but the person that matters still wants more. The story is about the big red dog’s very first Halloween as a puppy. Clifford and Emily Elizabeth find costumes, they trick or treat and try candy apples too. I think what my son relates to is that at almost 3 he doesn’t remember too much of Halloween , even though he knows what it is this year will be the first time he gets to do so many things. Like little Clifford, he is often too little for things, makes messes and has bigger people step in and fix it for him. He doesn’t know it yet but one day he will be more like the big Clifford than he knows.  This book doesn’t jump at me as a must read but I can’t ignore my son’s love when writing this review!Peek-a-Boooo!

Peek-a-Boooo! by Marie Torres Cimarusti is a perfect toddler Halloween book. The premise is simple, each page has a well known Halloween character including a witch, skeleton, Frankenstein all hiding behind their hands playing peek-a-boo with the readers. The characters hands are flaps and when you lift them they reveal the character’s face – which is always sweet and happy , never scary.  At the end of the book there are more flaps to lift to reveal trick or treaters and the same Halloween characters hiding in their haunted house. My son loves this book too and  I think it’s a great completely gentle way to read about Halloween with toddlers.


where_is_babys_pumpkinWhere Is Baby’s Pumpkin? by Karen Katz. This lift and flap book is the newest addition to our Karen Katz collection. My son adores these books. I read this in the check out line 3 times and he was asking for more before I could get my groceries in the fridge. I like this book because it’s a cute and gentle introduction to Halloween and all the creatures that go along with it. Also there are fun textures to many of the illustrations which help keep little hands busy! I love the sparkly ghost and the shiny bats are my son’s favorites!


  1. Carrie says


    This sounds like a great recipe, I love the use of pumpkin pie spice. Can I ask…where can I find alum or can I just use baking soda? Thanks!

    • admin says

      You can find Alum in your supermarket- never had a hard time finding it ( In Canada and the States) . It’s in with all the spices. I would stick to the recipe, baking soda has alum in it but they aren’t the same .

  2. says

    Can you tell me approximately how much dough this recipe makes? I was thinking of making it at our Fall Fest party with my preschoolers, but I would like to be able to send some home with each of them in a little baggie. Will one batch make enough for 6-8 kids?
    .-= Teri´s last blog ..Wishing I had more time =-.

  3. Mena says

    Hey. I’m not a big fan of food coloring because it stains my hands, so you can use a pack or two of Kool-Aid instead. Gives it a great smell too, but they don’t have a pumpkin scent! :)

  4. says

    How did you get your pumpkin playdough so orange? We added orange food coloring, but because of all of the pumpkin pie spice, the playdough turned out brown. It sure smelled good though!

    • admin says

      I added yellow and red – but Mena’s idea of Koolaid is even better! I used to do that all the time and really should again my hands were stained for days!

  5. lizapest says

    After years of play dough making I found that the dough comes out more smooth if you mix the salt in the boiling water then add it to the rest of the mixture.
    If you add the food colour to the water as well you don’t have to worry about messy hands from food colouring (but it only works if you want the whole mix one colour)
    At Christmas we used to make cinnamon play dough, it comes out a nice brown colour and you can use it to make “smelly” ornaments. :)

    • admin says

      Yes pop it in a ziplock and it keeps for months in the fridge! I will go add that into the post, my mistake I should have had it in there! Happy Halloween!

  6. Alison says

    Great recipe! Perfect texture and a great autumnal smell! I used Cream of Tartar instead of the Alum and it worked great. Thanks for all the great tips and ideas!


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