Letter of The Week n !

letter of the week craft letter n

My son had a lot of fun doing this letter of the week craft today after church. He chatted away to me while doing it peacefully and I didn’t even bother to intervene when he added glue all over the page. He was making a rainbow out of glue and who am I to “correct ” that.  He was careful and  I was overjoyed he was so independent , well a little sad too .

  1. Gather your materials. You will need various dry noodles , 2 pieces of construction paper, glue, some markers or paints, and scissors. letter of the week N
  2. Start by writing a large lowercase n.letter of the week craft
  3. Have your child paint, color or if they want just leave it plain. We pulled out our favorite Do-A-Dot and had fun painting it . letter of the week n
  4. Add glue.. if you are my son add a lot . letter of the week n
  5. Add your noodlesletter of the week n
  6. Let dry. letter of the week n
  7. Cut out and glue to the 2nd piece of construction paper.  letter of the week craft

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  1. Tanya says

    Hehe. So glad my ALMOST 3yr old daughter is not the only one that gets a little carried away with the glue. I’m using a glue stick a lot more this month, but she likes to put about 5 times the amount needed w/ the glue stick, too!

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