Books About Babies!

It’s no secret we are expecting a baby later this year and of course the first thing we did was find as many books as we could read about it to help my 3 year old adjust to the idea and changes that are inevitably starting to happen.

Baby Comes Home

Baby Comes Home by Debbie Driscoll is a realistic look at what an older sibling might go through when this new very needy member of the family comes home. In the book the older sibling runs upstairs and hides when the baby comes home, walks away from a resting mom and misbehaves for attention. Slowly even though she is trying to get bad attention the baby gives her older sister good attention and she warms up to the newest member of the family. My son was funny reading this book, the thing he noticed above all things was that a baby had a pillow” You don’t put pillows in babies cribs!”  my little safety man! The book gave us a lot to talk about from me needing to nap, to everyone cooing over the new baby and even about how he will feel when he has to share mama with a baby. Good book, worth a look!

Julius, the Baby of the World is such a funny book that I actually called my mom the day I bought it to read it to her over the phone. The book is about Lily who is adjusting to her new role as a big sister. The thing is Lily isn’t adjusting well, and it’s hilarious because it’s so true ! So often books depict older siblings happily welcoming babies into their lives and that just isn’t always the case. Lily is not happy, she unlike her parents do not think this baby is special and she is openly hostile to Julius. I laugh out loud every time I read this book, I particularly love when Lily tells a passing pregnant mouse that she will regret being pregnant. I think this book opens the floor for a real talk about feelings when a new baby comes, it’s important to remember just because the big people are excited doesn’t mean the little ones are too!

Back into mommy's tummy

Back into Mommy’s Tummy by Thierry Robberecht made both my son and I laugh hysterically, mostly because it was incredibly relevant to us. In the book a little girl asks to go back into her mommy’s belly for her 5th birthday.  She wants to stay close to her mom, never have to go to school, stay up as late as mom does and even tells her mom if she wants to see her she can go get an ultrasound and she’ll wave hello. The absurdity is awesome, and the sentiment is bang on. Late in the book we discover that mom is expecting and she asks if her daughter is worried about her loving the new baby more. I love how the author and illustrator Phillippe Goossens use humor to get to the heart of it all. My son is incredibly attached to me and this book really opened up a great dialogue about having to share my snuggles, and love.

Baby on the way

Baby on the Way by William Sears MD, Martha Sears RN and Christie Watts Kelly  has been the very best baby book we’ve found. It explains much of pregnancy from nausea, to aching feet and even nesting. It also describes labor in a really kid friendly non intimidating way. I love that it explains that in mommy’s belly is a baby holder called a uterus. My son has been asking me how my uterus is since reading this daily for the past week. Explaining contractions, that others will likely be taking care of them for a little while and what mommy is doing when she is not with you is all really useful. It also goes on to explain what babies will do , like nursing, crying and what that funny crinkled thing is on it’s belly!  The book also offers many many resources for expectant parents.

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  1. says

    INCREDIBLE! For the last four months, my dashboard has been showing your last post as the one with an art museum visit – and I have been wondering what was happening, and whether it would be impertinent to contact you to enquire. And you have been around, posting, all this while! So I have a lot to catch up on, and some questions to ask of blogger, and CONGRATULATIONS about the coming baby!

  2. says

    We bought Julius, Baby of the World in the months before my son’s birth and it cemented our desire to name him thus. It remains one of my daughter’s favourite books.

    Another great baby-about-to-arrive book:

    The mother breastfeeds, the father is an active part of the childrens’ lives, and the siblings are both gender-neutral. My daughter was 27 months when her brother was born and this book was GREAT for her!
    .-= Kim´s last blog ..See Ya Later, Alligators! =-.

  3. says

    Dude seriously, I would have NEVER been okay with my mom having another baby. She didn’t date until I turned 18 and even then I was like, “You better not get pregnant”. I was so spoiled and had never shared my mom with anyone.

    So suffice it to say I understand where the kids in these books are coming from. And by the end they have grown up much more than me.

    .-= Lee´s last blog ..I Love My Shirt From You Have To See It!!! =-.

  4. says

    We loved “Hello Baby!” by Lizzy Rockwell. It starts with a visit to the OB to see how the baby is growing and shows some developmental pics of the baby in the womb. They do getting ready things, like getting out toys that the little boy remembers playing with and tiny clothes that he used to wear. Grandma comes to stay while the baby’s being born, and she shows him pictures from when he was a baby. Mom breastfeeds and it makes a point to say that the baby mostly sleeps. I LOVE the illustrations, especially of all the funny baby expressions we know so well! It’s very sweet.

  5. Katie says

    Congratulations and thanks for these suggestions. We, too, have a three-year old and I’m due with #2 in a few weeks. We’ve been reading “Hello Baby,” but I love these additional suggestions!

  6. says

    I can’t wait to MEET “AKA see on your blog” you new little sweetheart!!!! I only wish I was close enough to get sweet newborn baby photos! I hope the rest of your preganacy goes smoothly and you enjoy the BLISS of being double-hearted! xoxoxox,Katherine

    P.S. have you seen the clips from Babies, the movie. It’s coming out in April— you’ve gotta see it!!!!
    .-= katherinemarie´s last blog ..Theme of the Week: {S O U P} =-.

  7. says

    I’m also pregnant (due May 3rd), and we’ve been reading a ton of baby books. Two real-life books that we really like are the Mister Rogers book “The New Baby”, and one by Maxine Rosenberg called “Mommy’s in the Hospital Having A Baby”.

    The photos are dated, but it’s great that they show photos of families in and out of the hospital, different methods of feeding, and talk about the big kid’s feelings in a very straightforward way.
    .-= SkylarKD´s last blog ..Lots on my plate! =-.

  8. Katie says

    Hi, You mentioned in the post talking to your son about feelings for the new baby. If you have a chance, would you mind giving me any pointers for “feeling conversations.” I’m mostly worried about putting ideas in her head/asking leading questions and am curious about how to talk with her (she’s 3) in a more open ended fashion, but gets more to feeling. Any pointers would be welcome. Thank you!

  9. admin says

    Katie – I actually got a great chance to practice this when one school year out of 10 student all had either just had a new sibling before the year started or as the year progressed became siblings. What an eye opener- and fantastic exp with a variety of 2-3 year olds.

    For my son we read a lot of books about babies – I have read all these plus about 10 more ( waiting to be reviewed soon). Then I ask lots of questions like : What do you think it will be like to have a baby ? What will it be like to share mommy? How will you feel if mommy can’t lay with you because she is snuggling the baby? I don’t tip toe about anything I just ask. I also tell him all the time that when the baby started growing in my belly my heart grew too so all the love for him is still in there and more room was made for my love for the baby. I don’t have to share the love, I just get more!

    I also validate any feelings – don’t coddle them all , some I do.

    There are a ton of books about getting siblings ready and really I think the best route is to expect all things and know that it’s a huge transition and toddlers suck at transitions. Expect some lashing out but don’t let it be an excuse, just an explanation.

    I hope that helps somewhat.

  10. says

    Well I just logged in to twitter for the first time in months and saw you post something there which made me realize the feed for this blog I was subscribed to on bloglines hadn’t been updating. oops (hadn’t noticed because I am subscribed to WAAAY too much to actually keep up with but I love watching out for stuff to do with my daughter here, and she has the week off from preschool this coming week so good timing). I’ve changed to a different feed now and am catching up.

    Congratulations on the baby, and a timely post for me as I’m also expecting a baby (Juneish) and so will look out for some of these for my 3 and a half year old. She’s currently very excited about being a big sister and loves babies but not sure how she’ll like the reality of sharing me (which we’ve been talking about too). I’m loving the way she wants to pull up my shirt to check my belly button then sings and talks to the baby and gives it hugs!


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