Valentine Candy Bouquet

DIY Candy Bouquet

This bouquet won’t wilt after a week , if it lasts that long! The idea of a candy bouquet isn’t new but when I was at the dollar store I wanted to see if I could make it with stuff I found there for a fun and frugal centerpiece .  The total cost was $4 ! Not bad.  For a simpler Valentine’s Day craft, just make the candy flowers and hand them out to friends.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some white card stock ( we used paper plates), Valentine’s themed lollipops, a glass vase, florist foam, some red tissue paper, heart stickers ( or self adhesive foam hearts) , red and pink crayons , a marker and scissors.Candy Bouquet
  2. Draw some outlines of flowers on your card stock.Candy Bouquet
  3. Have your favorite little one color them for you.  I should have taken a video, he was narrating to “other kids mommies” how to do this step.  Candy Bouquet
  4. While they do that  cover the florist foam with red tissue paper and pop in the vase. I just tucked it in , didn’t even tape it.Candy Bouquet
  5. Cut the flowers out. Candy Bouquet
  6. Poke holes in the middle of the flowers. Candy Bouquet
  7. Thread the lollipop through. Ours have twist ties on them and I used them to hold the flower in place.Candy Bouquet
  8. Pop the lollipops in the foam.
  9. Add stickers to the vase.Candy Bouquet

A healthier twist: If you don’t want candy you can do this craft with Valentine themed pencils. It would be a cute gift to a teacher , I know when I was teaching I was forever running out of pencils.

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    • admin says

      Yes he gets very serious- often when I am taking pictures I say silly things to him to try to get him to look happier. He get’s that focus from his dad. You’d never guess just how goofy he is from the pictures.

      Glad it’s a hit- I was really excited with the end result it’s on our mantle far away from little hands and will be given to a neighbor soon!

  1. Nikki says

    Love it! I think we might use play-doh to mount the suckers. Last year you did a craft with candy hearts, I couldn’t find it under holiday – could you repost? I found my years-old stash and could use an idea that doesn’t involve eating them 🙂 .

  2. Nikki says

    That looks fun. I thought there was a color activity with the conversation hearts… no matter 🙂 . I can make one.

    We did the flower craft but didn’t have foam or long-stem suckers. We used regular dumdums (Halloween? maybe), poked them through the flowers and then into a red straw. then just put the collection of straws in the tissue-paper-and-cotton-ball-lined vase. They don’t stand up straight but they’re cute and my 3y/o was smelling them all evening 🙂 .


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