3D Olympic Craft

Olympic Rings

Olympic Kids Craft

We love the Olympics in our house and are gearing up to go cheer for 2 countries in Vancouver later this month. I meant to make this craft with paint but we were out of black and green and since there was a nice furnace repair man in my garage I couldn’t run out. So we decided to cover the rolls with tissue paper instead. As it turned out my son liked cutting and sorting the paper more than anything so it was perfect! This was a long craft with little guys I would skip the crayons, tissue paper and glue  and simply paint.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need red, black, blue, green and yellow paint or crayons and tissue paper. A wrapping paper roll or 5 toilet paper rolls, glue, scissors, and some clothes pins.Olympics Kids Craft
  2. Start by cutting the roll into 5 if you are using a wrapping paper roll. Olympics Kids Craft
  3. Have your child color with roll with a crayons. If you are painting the rolls paint now. I used the crayons so that my son had a visual aid when it was time to glue the paper on to reinforce that we are only using one color for each roll. Olympics Kids Craft
  4. While they are coloring cut up some of the tissue paper, leave some for your child to cut as well if they are able to use scissors.Olympics Rings Crafts
  5. Have your child cut and sort some too. This was my far my son’s favorite part. Normally he loves glue and he was like ” I’ll cut and sort more mama, you do the glue today!”Olympics Kids Craft
  6. Time to add glue- add lots! Olympics Kids Crafts
  7. Add paper.Olympics Kids Crafts
  8. Repeat for each ring.Olympics Kids Craft
  9. Stack and glue rings together.Olympics Kids Craft
  10. Secure with the clothes pins.  Olympics Kids Crafts
  11. Let dry. Olympic Kids Craft

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  1. Lindsay says

    I have to say – I LOVE your blog! I have been reading it since the beginning of the year and we have done so many of your projects! Thanks for all of your wonderful inspiration! 🙂


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