Sort and Shape Heart!

Marshmallow Valentine's Treat

My son will do anything for marshmallows and he loves sorting. Since this craft itself is super simple I made things more challenging by creating a pre-activity of sorting the colors with bamboo tongs.  Yes many were eaten, we did this on a no nap day and the sillies were at an all time high but we still had fun.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need a divided tray, mini marshmallows, some paper or foam , glue and tongs.Valentine Marshmallow Treat
  2. Start by sorting a few of the marshmallows in a tray. I put a few in each section to provide a guide.
  3. Hand your child the tongs and let them sort.Valentine's Marshmallow Treat
  4. And eat.Valentine's Marshmallow Treat
  5. When they are all sorted ( and yes I asked if I could help and sorted a few as well) add glue to the foam/paper in a heart shape.Valentine's Day Marshmallow Treat
  6. Start adding the pink marshmallows.Valentine's Marshmallow Treat
  7. Count as you go! We did 13, 5 and 9 before gobbling up a few yellow and green ones.Valentine's Day Marshmallow Treat
  8. Let dry. Build Your Own Snowman 002


  1. says

    What a great idea. You come up with the most simple but cute ideas. I don’t know how you do it! I guess we’ll be picking up a bag of colored marshmallows on the way home from school. Although today is the “Valentine’s day party” so I’m sure she’ll be all ramped up on goodies already. Hmm… maybe we’ll do this tomorrow!
    .-= Jackie Lee´s last blog ..Vegetable Garden Planning =-.

  2. Kim says

    My oldest did something similiar to this in preschool..but they licked them instead to make them stick.. Thanks for the great ideas!

  3. Karen says

    I am so glad I found this site! We’ll make the hearts this afternoon. This morning we made fairy wands. Yesterday, we made a bus! I love how simple and cute the ideas are!

  4. Auset says

    I love this craft. i often look for stuff that i can do with my 2 and 4 year old toddlers. i can even let little brother (9mos) participate for this one.

  5. says

    Hi! It was so great to meet you at Blissdom. This is an absolutely adorable idea. My little boy has trouble using his hands (he has mild cerebral palsy), so this would be an extra-awesome activity to get him to learn to use tongs. Also, now you totally have me craving marshmallows only it’s 10:00 p.m. and none are in the house so I’m just out of luck. But I have friends coming over on Sunday with their kids, so I think we are going to start the day with this activity. I know I am really going to impress her with my creativity! He, he. I’ll tell her all about you, of course. :)
    .-= Ellen´s last blog ..And the winners of the Fannie May gift tower of chocolates are… =-.

  6. says

    this was such a great activity! our tongs are huge (i can barely keep them under control) so i gave her tweezers instead. she loved it and we had a ball making cards with the marshmallows.
    .-= aimee´s last blog ..funny mads =-.

  7. says

    LOVED the idea! We just sorted the marshmallows and then ate them, but the kids LOVED it-my three kids plus the two I was watching. I just a piece of paper to divide the marshmallows up. LOVED IT!

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