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In The Town All Year 'Round

Normally on Saturday I list a number of books with a similar theme or author in hopes that something will peak your interest and you can add some new titles to your library. Today I am only featuring one. It’s my new favorite book and it was suggested by a reader too!

In the Town All Year ‘Round by Rotraut Susanne Berner is amazing.

So what makes this book so good?

This book’s premise is the comings and goings of a town in all four seasons. There is limited text, which serves only to steer readers to look for specific people in the highly detailed illustrations. Each season has multiple pages and the people remain constant throughout the seasons. So you see inside an apartment building , the town square, the park, railroad station etc… in every season.  You see the changes in town, the progression and of course the distinct weather in each section. The pictures also progress within the seasons, so a fire truck with a flashing light can be seen on every page in one season with the last page showing it getting to the fire . I can’t possibly explain the amazing detail and sheer number of things to find, make up stories about and spark your child’s imagination in this book.  My son adores it. After renewing it multiple times from our library I bought it as his Valentine’s gift.  It goes everywhere with us, perfect for long drives , waits in the Ob’s waiting room and plain old playtime  he picks it up every day and finds something new.

What I really love is that because there is no text but still multiple story lines it’s helped my son to understand that literacy isn’t just about words, it about explaining what’s going on, and reading the pictures too. The absence of text has allowed me to really show him that . Now he has started grabbing books with text and telling me he’d read me the pictures, which boosts both his confidence and his enjoyment of independent reading.

So please grab this book .

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  1. Sarasa says

    Another book we discovered that tells a story through the pictures is Once Upon A Banana by _____ Armstrong. It’s not quite as detailed as the one you just mentioned (which my son loved, too, btw – construction scenes!) but there’s a lot to talk about in terms of what people are doing, might be saying, what will happen next, etc. My boy will ask, “Can we read that book with no words but you just have to say what happens in the pictures?” Oh, and a garbage truck has a big role at the end. Bonus! 🙂

  2. Amy Crawford says

    After reading your suggestion, we checked this book out from the library have had had it for weeks. My four year old reads it daily and makes up her own stories to go with the wonderful illustrations. Thanks for the suggestion!

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