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Together with I have written  Alphabet Crafts an eBook filled with  the best of our uppercase letter of the week crafts, and  5 exclusive ones you can only see inside! .The crafts are complied in one easy to read A-Z format . Like all my posts there are easy step by step instructions with plenty of pictures to help make learning simple.   The crafts are included with fun tips, suggested materials and a list of  No Time For Flash Cards approved alphabet books. You get a whole alphabet of learning for $8.00 !

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  1. admin says

  2. admin says

    Right click on the Add to cart button – then click on “Open in new tab”.

    The book is a compilation of 26 alphabet crafts – including 5 exclusive crafts never published on the site. A good preview would be to check out our letter of the week crafts in our menu bar.

  3. says

    Thank goodness our dollar is up and for the facebook discount, I just used up the available credit in my paypal account!
    Currently downloading the e-book now! Thanks for your great site and making your information available to us all! I love creating your crafts with my two kids.

  4. says

    Hi Allie,
    I would LOVE to buy your Alphabet Crafts book, but when I go to the page where I am supposed to enter my VISA card details, I can’t see anywhere where I can provide my email address. As it is an ebook I guess I should put in my email somewhere before I pay? Or did I get something wrong?
    I would really like to buy your book, so could you please help me out?
    Thank you!


  1. [email protected] | ImpressYourKids says:

    […] you are not Jolly Joey, head over to No Time For Flash Cards‘ and download your own ebook. It’s only $8 and full of fun stuff for your kids! Share […]

  2. […] Alphabet Crafts lets you create the alphabet from A-Z with fun crafts that promote more than just letter recognition. Kids will love making their own alphabet and forget that they are learning in the process. With 5 exclusive crafts never published on No Time For Flash Cards. Value $8 […]

  3. […] Being ready for school in the early years ( preschool – 1st grade ) is much less about what kids know and much more about having them ready to learn. Making sure that they are emotionally stable to be away from the home for the length of time that they will, giving them confidence and tools to handle issues, and being ready to work in a large group where their needs will not be met as immediately as they are at home.  That said doing some fun learning activities won’t hurt! Here are some of my favorites for each age group. You can also have fun by making Alphabet Crafts – my ebook is discounted for back to school. […]

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