Paint and Eat Easter Waffles

Painting on toast and even rice cakes have been featured on two of my favorite blogs Make and Takes and Mom Tried It but I had never tried the fun craft until today. My son only wants one thing for breakfast these days, waffles. When I was looking at them today I thought, I wonder if I could paint on them too?  Oh and if I used a cookie cutter they could be Easter eggs! It was such a hit we used up all our waffles.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some food coloring, milk, a paint brush, waffles ( lightly toasted), and an Easter egg cookie cutter. Painted Easter Waffles
  2. Mix your food coloring with a splash of milk, you don’t need much!Painted Easter Waffles
  3. Cut the waffle into the shape of the egg. Painted Easter Waffles
  4. Start painting.  Painted Easter Waffles
  5. I made stripes. My son was more free form. Painted Easter Waffles
  6. Toast and serve!
  7. Eat.Painted Easter Waffles
  8. I have to show you what a hit this was, after he ate the first two he made a third – and ate it too.  My kid doesn’t eat that much, this was a feast for him! Painted Easter Waffles

Egg Books

The Golden Egg

The Golden Egg Book by Margaret Wise Brown is one of those books I have clear memories of from childhood. Thing is I don’t really remember the story so much as the cover. In this case it’s ok to judge a book by it’s cover because although the ending has always seemed tacked on to me I enjoyed this simple and cute book about a bunny and the egg that he finds. My son liked it too, although he was much more into the illustrations of butterflies in the first and last few pages.

First The Egg

First the Egg by Laura Vaccaro Seeger is the perfect book to introduce life cycles to young kids. It doesn’t go into great detail, but it doesn’t have to it is perfectly effective just the way it is. Each page shows one stage like a seed and the following the result of a flower. My son loved this book and I think older children would too, it’s simple but isn’t infantile. I think the Easter bunny may be bringing this to our house for keeps in a few weeks!

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  1. Jo says

    My son has been sick for weeks and not eatting. Did this yesterday and viola…he ate his waffle. Told the pedi about it too and she was LOVED the idea…very novel! 🙂

    With the weather starting to become nice again, do you have any outdoor actvities/crafts coming up? We chalk and blow bubbles and do your typical outdoor games, but wanted to know if you have anything up your sleeve that is your typical “out of the box” learning activities you keep coming up with?


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