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year of green smoothies

One of my most popular posts over the years has been this one about a simple smoothie popsicle I sneak spinach into that my son gobbles up! So it’s only fitting that I spotlight a fun blog The Year of Green Smoothies that is packed with green smoothies for the whole family. Jessica doesn’t just preach she practices what she preaches , and I know because we run into each other in the produce section a lot!  She writes in a warm and funny manner just like how she is in person and after a disastorous addition of beets to coleslaw I will be trying her Beet smoothie this week!

Check it out!


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    I LOVE this post! We make a “magic shake” at my house for my 8 month old AND my 37 year old! I recently ordered Tovolo Pop Molds because I am gearing up for summer and because I love Tovolo products. They have cool rocket ship and shooting star molds. Also one called “groovy” which I particularly like! Really looking forward to trying out these smoothie recipes! Cheers!

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