Books About Cowboys…and girls!

Howdy!  While tripping over my son’s Woody doll which has been a constant feature in my bedroom in the morning ( he comes with my son at 3am nightly) I thought we have never done a cowboy themed book post.  When I went to the library to find some books I was excited by what I found and the great  cowgirl books too. Here are some for you to check out.

Cowboy Slim by Julie Danneberg is a touching story about a cowboy who just doesn’t fit in. He writes poetry and is proud of it at first until someone calls it sissy. Then he fails and fails and fails again at all the things that “real cowboys” can do. When the herd is in danger though Slim saves the day with his rhymes! This book was too long for my son at 2 to enjoy but 4-5 year olds would be perfect for this length of book as well as the message about putting other people’s interests down and why it’s okay to be different even if others don’t get it.
Every Cowgirl Needs A Horse
Every Cowgirl Needs a Horse by Rebecca Janni is everything a children’s book ought to be. It’s clever, cute, and has a great message without being preachy. It’s Nellie Sue’s birthday and the one thing she really wants is a horse. See she is a cowgirl, everything she does she relates back in her imagination to some chore on the farm. When she is cleaning out her guinea pig cage, she is “cleaning the stalls at the barn” and when she is filling her dog’s water bowl she is “filling the trough” . When her birthday surprise isn’t a horse but a bike instead she is a little skeptical but with her imagination and true cowgirl spirit she makes it into the best horse ever! I loved how her parents play along with her imagination but don’t simply get her a horse, rather they present her the bike as if it is one, in her own terms. Great book!

Cowboy Small by Lois Lenski is a cute cowboy book for the younger set. We have the board book edition and it’s been loved for a long time at our house. The text is simple, the drawings are charming and the book covers all the basics of what a cowboys does day and night. From corralling cattle, eating from the chuck wagon and my son’s favorite singing cowboy songs by the campfire before hitting the hay in the bunkhouse , Cowboy Small does it all.

Cowboy Camp

Cowboy Camp by Tammi Sauer is funny and touching all at the same time. Avery is off to Cowboy Camp to learn how to be a real cowboy, only one problem, every lesson turns into a disaster. He can’t stomach cowboy food, he is allergic to his horse and ends up on a cow instead, and he gets rop burn when he is learning to lasso. After the other campers head to bed Avery encounters the nefarious Bad Bart a bad cowboy who wants to stop cowboy camp, Avery outwits him and saves the day. I loved that there was no teasing from the other campers and each time Avery came to an obstacle he was offered an alternative ( cheese and crackers to eat, a cow to ride and yarn to lasso with) instead of simply sitting out. Great book to read before summer camp!

I Want To Be A Cowgirl

I Want to be a Cowgirl by Jeanne Willis is a story about a little city girl who doesn’t want to grow up to have tea parties. cook, clean or sew. She doesn’t want to be a girly girl at all, she wants to be a cowgirl. I love the sentiment in this book, how adamant she is about knowing what she wants and the lengths she goes to be a cowgirl using bananas as six shooters, and turning her dad’s rug into chaps! I like the message about following your own dreams not what society tells us we should be, and the rhyming text is perfectly suited for this sassy tale.

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  1. Brynn says

    I have a little boy your son’s age who ALSO is going thru a phase where he just come into our room at an unmentionable hour after YEARS of sleeping all night. Darn bad dreams! Props to you for using the woody doll as inspiration for your education blog! I just would’ve been bugged that it was there at all! I have more to learn from you than just schooly stuff. THANK YOU!

    • admin says

      Last night he came in and i was still awake but my husband was asleep and proceeded to tell us loudly and in detail about his dream, I of course thought it was hilarious and was giggling which woke my husband up… the realities of parenting.

  2. Shelly says

    I love you site! I am have been stealing ideas for months now! You are amazingly creative! THank you for ths book list we are studying “farms” this month! I can’t wait to read her these books she LOVES horses and wants to be a cowgirl!

  3. says

    Hello! I would also recommend “Thunder Rose” by Jerdine Nolen. The heroine is an African American cowgirl/hero (like the tall tales of Paul Bunyan and the like). Nice illustrations and poetic prose too.
    .-= kate´s last blog .. =-.


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