Get Your Entry in !

Baby Can Read w/ you

Time to get in your forms. List all the books you have read ( at least 10!) with your child this week , fill in this form and you will be entered to win a copy of my eBook Alphabet Crafts as well as get an entry for the end of summer gift card giveaway.  To be included in this week’s contest you need to fill the form out before 12am on Monday June 7th  PDT.

Need more info?  Check out the details.


  1. admin says

    That is fine – just write that in your entry. It’s time spent reading that is more important than variety! Go ENTER!!

  2. Trisha says

    Oops, I think I didn’t have ten when I filled out the form on Thursday. I pulled the names out of my memory, not from keeping track. But believe me, we read the Jabba the Hutt book at least 5 times. I’ll try to follow the rules next week!

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