Letter Of The Week C

letter c letter of the weekNeed ideas for your letter of the week curriculum? Look no further. Not only do we have letter crafts we have crafts and activities that start with all the letters too! This week it’s the letter C. Cactus,  Cats, Caterpillars, Comets and more! Also don’t miss the alphabet books, it’s important not to only focus on the letter, but teach it in a meaningful and holistic way, alphabet books are a great way to do that.

{Letter Crafts}

Candy C Carrot CCaterpillar C Comet C–  Cookie C

{Activities and Crafts That Start With C}

CactusCandy Cane Car WashCarrot CarsCastleCat–  CaterpillarCloud

Coffee Grinds Sensory TubCoffee Shop CookiesCorn CrabCupcakes

{Alphabet Books }

Sleepy ABC by Margaret Wise Brown. Although I have a legendary hatred of Runaway Bunny I generally love this author. I like this book, and the illustrations will zip you back in time for sure.  Unlike many alphabet books, it has a great rhythm for reading it all without breaks.  My one complaint is that the child is tucked into bed then a few letters later is out listening to a story from another woman, not their mom. I am not sure perhaps those are different children, didn’t bug my son one bit, but left me wondering. Like the title suggests it’s a good alphabet book for a bedtime read, it even ends with something I say often ” Go To Sleep!”.

The Graphic Alphabet by David Pelletier is a fun book to share with a child who has already mastered the alphabet because this book is challenging. Each letter is shown in its own illustration, but you aren’t sure exactly what the picture is of, this is the challenge. As you can see on the cover it has an avalanche, the hardest one for me was N no matter how I looked at the picture I thought it was of magnets! Turns out it was noodles! Very fun book for kids that already know their letters and are up for a challenge.

A Is for Zebra by Mark Shulman is a fun and unique alphabet book. Perfect for children who have mastered letter recognition and are up for a fun challenge. The trick is that each letter is represented by the last letter of the coordinating picture. A is for zebra! You will have fun finding the letter on each page as well as items in the adorable illustrations by Tamara Petrosino.

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