Favorite Thanksgiving Crafts

Did Thanksgiving sneak up on you? This month has flown by but thankfully we have a bunch of great crafts from years past to highlight.  Here is a collection of some of my favorite Thanksgiving kids crafts. Try to carve out some time this coming week to make something fun with your kids.

Foam Hand Print Turkey

Native American Headdress

Thankful Box

World of Thanks Wreath

Thankful Garland


  1. Heather Robertson says

    We made a thanksgiving craft today. I wish I could upload the pictures because they came out so cute. It was a color matching craft. I cut the turkey body shape out of cardboard. The boys (ages 2 and 2.5) colored them brown and glued on the googley eyes and an orange pom pom for the beak. On a piece of paper I drew the feathers that would stick out behind the turkey body once it was glued on. Each feather I outlined in a different color and very faintly colored them in. The boys then glued matching colored small foam squares onto the appropriate feathers. We then glued the turkey body in place. Then glued a piece of paper with Happy Thanksgiving written on it above the turkey. The are colorful and cute!

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