While I’m Away Mailbox Activity

mommy mail letter activity for kids

Going away for work is never easy for kids or parents, but activities like this can make an anxious time a little easier on everyone. I will be going to a conference this week and both my son and I have been feeling increasingly anxious about being apart. I came up with this activity when we saw these mailboxes at Target and he begged m for it.  I hope this little mailbox and the letters I leave for him give him some comfort and something to look forward to every day while I’m away. We will also have our Kissing Hand Necklaces that we made last year .

  1. Gather your materials . You will need a little mailbox, paper and envelopes for each day you are away, pens/ markers and stickers if you want.
  2. Label each envelope with the day. I did it like this so that my husband who will place the letters in the mailbox every night knows which to grab, and it helps teach days of the week as well.
  3. Write the notes. I tried to hype up what he gets to do every day. I did this because every morning before we are even out of bed my son asks me ” Mama what are we going to do today?” One of the days I included money for him to take my mom out for lunch. He’s been learning about money so he’ll love getting to pay.
  4. Seal them up.
  5. Hide them from your child and get someone at home to play postal carrier by placing them in the mailbox every night so in the morning your child has mail.


  1. says

    Such a sweet idea! I will have to remember this when I go somewhere. I do something similar for my hubby when he goes away on business trips. I hide notes in his suitcase, one for each day. (He doesn’t travel much, but it is a fun tradition for when he does).

  2. says

    What a great idea! My husband is away this week and I wish I had thought of somthing like this – I’m going to try to get him to send a few e-mails and I’ll print them off!

  3. Allison says

    My husband is getting ready to deploy for a year and we have been trying to come up with ideas to keep the kids connected with him. This is a GREAT idea! We may have to do it weekly though :-)

  4. says

    This is brilliant… I’ll be away from my babe this summer for BlogHer, and though she’ll be just 2 1/2 when I leave, I think something like this might be really nice for her!
    Thank you!

  5. Kelley says

    My son and I both have a stuffed animal with the others voice saying I love you in it (made at Build-a Bear). So when he is at his dad’s, we feel closer.


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